Why Do Sensible Folks Have Extra Zinc and Copper in Their Hair?

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It’s a generally identified truth that individuals of excessive intelligence have excessive concentrations of Zine and Copper of their hair. The query is why? Why do very good or extraordinarily clever people have extra Zinc and Copper of their hair follicles? Some say that good folks retain extra zinc and copper and that permits their brains to make connections quicker or permit electrical transfers of nerves, neurons and mind waves.

Do good folks have totally different metabolisms or do they eat extra meat and sure greens and thus have extra to discharge? Or course of out these issues, which don’t assist cognition. One researcher had thought-about that maybe they’ve extra heavy metals of their hair and effectively, it acts like an antenna and thus they will decide up different mind waves higher or appeal to extra electromagnetic vitality from the air, thus their minds work at larger or extra rogue waves per utilization?

Myself, effectively I too have questioned about all this and got here up with this principle partly contemplating this info on zink and copper:


If a pilot, soldier or racecar driver put copper and zinc of their helmet would that assist make them smarter or is it from the physique discharging the heavy metals simply from the physique that makes the mind work higher. If that’s the case, for those who decreased you zinc and copper in your blood by means of filtration, might you enhance cognition? Are some blood varieties, which filter higher inflicting this? Thus sure blood varieties are the reason for extra intelligence and never essentially the zinc or copper its self? Suppose on this in 2006.

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