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WHAT IS THE SECRET TO LIFE? Most individuals must admit if pressed, that divining the thriller of life and discovering what they have been right here for, could be probably the most prized (and elusive) factor, just because it appears unattainable. I recall a tv program known as “Hitchhiker’s Information to the Galaxy” and the reply to the “Final Query of Life, the Universe, and All the things” was merely 42-of course, then they needed to discover out what the “Final Query” was!! Nothing’s ever simple when attempting to work out the that means of life.

Ask most individuals and there will probably be diverse responses for the that means of life-what we’re really “right here” for. Some will say, ‘to have a great time’, others would possibly say, ‘to stay and be taught’, and nonetheless others, ‘to earn a living and luxuriate in spending it’. Ask me, and my reply is comparatively clear: “I am right here to develop in knowledge.” I need to develop in my seven virtues: stay the best way of diligence and prudence; search to create and maintain shalom and stability; stay in a method that nurtures belief and upholds respect, and eventually, accept nothing lower than knowledge.

Knowledge: There is no objective fairly prefer it. The ancients held her up because the jewel of the crown of life-she is to be esteemed past any earthly treasure. Why is it there are such a lot of over the course of time in history who’ve fallen in love along with her? Let’s discover.

The primary level right here is the “impact” of knowledge. What does knowledge actually obtain for us? As a result of I’ve discovered knowledge of intense curiosity, I commenced my search a while in the past. A bit like happiness, knowledge seems comparatively elusive, however there are rewards for individuals who seek for her.

Amongst the analysis I’ve finished, I’ve discovered that knowledge offers three salient issues in abundance-as a normal rule. Check this out. See if it applies within the lives of whom you see as clever. First, knowledge guarantees lengthy life. That is longevity of life, and it is usually high quality of life by the years. Have you ever ever observed how some folks age fairly rapidly and by the point they enter their sixties or seventies they are a spent power, whereas others push by these obstacles seemingly relaxed and are spritely at 90? The latter individuals are in all probability those who lived correctly, taking care of their our bodies and minds, reaching stability in life, residing diligently and prudently, not foolishly. They lived at peace with their friends and weren’t swallowed up by fear and most cancers from the so-called stresses of residing and dysfunctional relationships throughout them.

Secondly, knowledge guarantees prosperity. That is shalom, the Jewish Hebrew phrase. It’s all the things actually good for us; wellbeing, wholeness, wealth (the proper of wealth from the proper way of life), peace, wellness, and an absence of agitation and discord. It’s the feeling that you have cracked the code of life: you have achieved what you have been despatched to do. Mission achieved… that form of factor. How many individuals really sit again at 70, reflecting of their lives, and say “My entire life I’ve felt like that”? Not many I might recommend; but, that is precisely what our objective ought to be-to haven’t wasted our lives by merely residing, however to make it depend indirectly, by engaged on leaving a legacy, having a objective. It is about in search of the proper issues in life. The impact is prosperity. It is about educating your children those self same proper issues and guiding them daily, and seeing them ‘crack the code’. What higher final result might there be than this form of prosperity?

The third and last promise of knowledge is honor! I really like one thing I learn not too long ago, once more from theologian, Paul Koptak, “Nothing earns honor greater than working for targets increased than reward.” All of us search reward and honor in life. But, Knowledge turns this on its head and easily says, Neglect about in search of honor itself and search ME first and I offers you the glory on the proper time-what’s extra, I’ll give it in methods and in quantities that you’ll really feel fully grateful for-but do not work for honor alone. Work to realize ME as an alternative.

Nothing satisfies fairly like a great name-a good fame. Do not work for reward and honor alone, simply do the proper, simply, and truthful issues and honorable issues will come to you by themselves. Neglect about competing with and evaluating with others. Concentrate on doing the proper factor.

In fact, to realize knowledge actually means to realize God-to be at peace with him. As God is love, so God is knowledge.

Search knowledge; get knowledge; clamber for it, seek for it, and by no means hand over. You’ll by no means remorse it as you obtain the true treasure of life: lengthy life, prosperity, and honor. Not solely will you obtain the treasure, additionally, you will come a lot nearer to understanding with devoted certainty, the true that means of life.

© 2007 Steve Wickham.

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