Vedic Cosmology – The Planets of the Materials Universe

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The cosmology and cosmography of the traditional Vedas is awe inspiring to say the least. The extra “fashionable” of the Vedic texts are recognized to originate from roughly 3000 B.C., thus being the oldest scientific and spiritual doctrines recognized to man. The descriptions of our photo voltaic system and what fashionable astronomy has found of the seen universe corresponds with the traditional Vedic information, proving that man has had superior information of astronomy for hundreds of years earlier than our fashionable civilization started. This text describes the Vedic model of planetary programs from the topmost, everlasting planets down via the short-term planetary programs inside innumerable universes of this materials world.

When saying “cosmic manifestation” we converse of two separate worlds, the religious and the fabric. The religious planetary programs are everlasting, past the bounds of the fabric universes, and belong to a “tremendous dimensional” or “anti-material” dimension. These are past the restrictions of fabric time and house and subsequently past our imaginative and prescient, or powers of notion. In these planetary programs there is no such thing as a prevalence of creation or dissolution, and these planets are limitless, indestructible, and eternally current. There are descriptions of those religious planets within the vedic literatures, however this text concentrates on these inside the materials universe.

The fabric planetary programs are created in some unspecified time in the future in time and will likely be destroyed at one other. They’re sure by the influences of time and house. Each of those energies (religious and materials) are of the identical divine supply known as “brahmajyoti”, the religious gentle. About 1/4th of this brahmajyoti is roofed by the “mahat-tattva”, the fabric power, the place are discovered innumerable materials universes. The three/4th portion is the everlasting religious sky. Within the religious world are two realms of existence, “Goloka-dhama” and “Hari-dhama”. The fabric world has one realm known as “Devi-dhama”.

Goloka-dhama is the topmost planet and residence of the Supreme Godhead Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. Under that is Hari-dhama the place the religious planets of the Vaikunthalokas are located. Under the Vaikuntha planets is “Mahesh-dhama” (additionally known as Sadasivaloka, or the abode of Lord Siva). That is the realm dividing the religious from the fabric universes. Under Mahesh-dhama is Devi-dhama, the realm of the fabric universe. It’s stated that the programs of yoga supply totally different locations. Bhakti yoga directs one towards getting into Hari-dhama or Goloka-dhama. Jnana yoga directs the aspirant towards entrance to Mahesh dhama, and karma yoga directs one to stay in Devi-dhama, experiencing repeated delivery and demise within the materials worlds.

The Planetary Techniques of Devi-Dhama

Within the Bhagavad-Gita we discover a assertion that there are three divisions of fabric planets in our universe. They’re “urdhva-loka” (highest), “madhya-loka” (center), and “adho-loka” (decrease). Above the urdhva-lokas are the coverings of the fabric universe past which lie the everlasting realms of existence. Inside these three spheres of existence are 14 essential planetary programs with totally different requirements of life and period of existence. The residents of the higher three programs have virtually no illness or getting old of the physique, they usually haven’t any sense of worry. Because the planetary programs progress downward there’s lesser period of life and lifestyle, in addition to a larger manifestation of illness and nervousness.

The 14 planetary programs are named as follows, from highest to lowest:

1) Satya-loka

2) Tapa-loka

3) Jana-loka

4) Mahar-loka

5) Svar-loka

6) Bhuvar-loka

7) Bhur-loka

8) Atala-loka

9) Vitala-loka

10) Sutala-loka

11) Talatala-loka

12) Mahatala-loka

13) Rasatala-loka

14) Patala-loka

In one of many Vedic scriptures known as the “Hari-vamsa” there’s a description as follows: “Above the planetary programs the place people dwell is the sky. Above the sky is the orbiting solar, which is the doorway level of the heavenly planetary programs. That is the center of the universe the place begins the planets of these elevated by nice austerities and penances. The planets above these, as much as Satya-loka are the residences of these superior in religious information. All these planets are inside the materials world and beneath the management of Devi (Goddess Durga), and subsequently known as Devi-dhama.”

The time period “amara” (deathless) is usually used to explain the residents of the heavenly planets as a result of their span of life is inconceivable to us, however though they dwell for tens of millions of years by our calculation, none inside the materials worlds can dwell right here eternally. In Bhagavad-Gita there’s given an outline for the life span of these dwelling on Satyaloka. Sooner or later is the same as 4,300,000,000 photo voltaic years. On different heavenly planets the day is taken into account to equal six months of our time, and the evening additionally equal to 6 months on earth. These souls dwell of their our bodies for 10 million of their years.

Time period akin to day, evening, months, and years are totally different in numerous planetary programs, and there are additionally various kinds of human beings, animals, bushes, and vegetation. A number of the planets which are seen to us are thought-about heavenly planets with totally different timings. Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon are examples of planets the place someday is the same as six months on earth. How can that be, one might ask, after we can see these planets orbiting the Solar?

One level of reference that could be troublesome for some to know is essential to this realization. All planets have totally different dimensions surrounding them. The dimension of existence seen to our eyes offers us the impression that the opposite planets in our photo voltaic system are principally devoid of life. Truly astronomers have discovered proof of clever life on different planets, no matter the truth that little is but public information. The purview discernable by our bodily eyes, although, can not enter into the heavenly spheres of those planets the place devas, angels, and better beings exist, nor even that of people who take pleasure in an existence far superior to what’s obtainable on our planet earth.

Simply as on and surrounding earth there are realms of existence inhabited by ethereal beings invisible to our eyes, some extremely superior and others sure by unlucky circumstances (akin to ghosts), all planets have totally different spheres of existence. We will by no means achieve information of the multi-dimensional actuality on earth with our bodily eyes, so how might we probably count on to enter into the upper realities of different planets with them?

There are additionally various kinds of oceans on totally different planets within the materials world. “Siddhanta-siromani”, an historic vedic astrological textual content describes them as being of seven varieties:

1) an ocean of salt water

2) an ocean of milk

3) an ocean of curd

4) an ocean of ghee (clarified butter)

5) an ocean of sugar cane juice

6) an ocean of liquor

7) an ocean of candy water

Our minds might balk at such a conception of various kinds of oceans, however why ought to any of those be extra improbable than the ocean of salt water that we have now right here on earth?

There are additionally some everlasting planets seemingly located inside this materials universe, however they’re all the time inaccessible for human beings. The textual content “Laghu-Bhagavatamrita” describes these everlasting planets as follows: “Above Rudraloka, the planet of Lord Siva, is the planet known as Vishnuloka. It’s 400,000 miles in circumference, and inaccessible for any mortal dwelling being. Above that Vishnuloka is a golden island known as Maha-Vishnuloka within the ocean of salt. Brahma and different demigods typically go there to fulfill Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu lies there with Lakshmi (the goddess of fortune). East of right here is the “ocean of milk” the place inside is the island of Svetadvipa, the place Lord Vishnu additionally resides with Goddess Lakshmi. His transcendental island is 200,000 sq. miles and lined with want bushes for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord.”

This planet is named “Dhruvaloka” and we see it because the polestar. It’s stated to be 3,800,000 yojanas above the solar (one yojana is the same as 8 miles). Above Dhruvaloka by 10,000,000 yojanas is Maharloka. Above Maharloka by 20,000,000 yojanas is Janaloka, an additional 80,000,000 yojanas lies Tapaloka, and above by 120,000,000 yojanas is Satyaloka. The Vaikuntha planets start 26,200,000 yojanas past Satyaloka.

The scripture “Vishnu Purana” describes that the outer overlaying of the universe begins 260,000,000 yojanas above the solar. About 70,000 yojanas beneath the earth start the seven decrease planetary programs of Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala. Under these planets 30,000 yojanas is the Garbhodaka Ocean the place Sesa Naga lies. This ocean is 249,800,000 yojanas deep. This provides an approximate diameter of the universe as 500,000,000 yojanas or 4,000,000,000 miles. These distances are calculated in response to the distances between the planetary “planes” of existence. Precise distances between planets could also be extra.

The upper planetary programs are the realms of devas, demigods, and angels. Bhuvarloka is the abode of ghostly spirits, and the decrease planets are populated by these of demoniac consciousness in addition to the snakes often called “Nagas”. Improvement of upper consciousness, which additionally consists of superior intellectuality, begins with human beings and additional will increase among the many denizens of upper planetary programs. The earth is located near the center of those planetary programs.

Descriptions of the Planetary Techniques


That is the abode of Lord Brahma, the progenitor of this materials universe. Right here there are airplanes managed by mantra, not by any mechanical means. The residents have thoughts and intelligence, however no materials gross our bodies. They really feel compassion for these struggling within the decrease areas, however don’t endure worry, previous age, or demise. On the time of ultimate dissolution of the fabric planets the residents right here remodel their delicate our bodies into religious our bodies and enter the everlasting Vaikuntha planets. Nice yogis lastly attain this highest planet via the Milky Method, which is the “freeway” to this most elevated planet the place the period of life is calculated as 15,480,000,000,000 years.


That is the abode of the 4 Kumaras named Sanat, Sanaka, Sanandana, and Sanatana. On this world many nice sages additionally reside on account of their development via religious austerity. The enjoyment accessible to the residents is inconceivable to us as it’s past something of our expertise. When there’s annihilation of the fabric universe the residents right here additionally remodel their delicate our bodies to religious and enter the religious sky.


This planet, nonetheless above the heavenly realms, is one other abode of nice saints and sages. This planet is populated by mystics who transfer to greater planets, and finally remodel their delicate our bodies to religious, when the hearth of devastation consumes the fabric planets. These residents can transfer between any planets inside the materials universe as mystic “spacemen” at speeds unthinkable to us.


When totally purified from materials want and contamination via sacrifice, penance, and charity one can attain the heavenly planets, and if advancing additional can move via the upper orbits to succeed in Maharloka. The best of sages, akin to Bhrigu Muni, dwell on this place. It’s located past the “Sisumara”, which is the pivotal level for the turning of the universe. Superior yogis attain this planet and dwell right here for 4,300,000,000 photo voltaic years. When the hearth of devastation virtually reaches this planet the residents transport themselves to Satyaloka the place they dwell additional earlier than this highest of planets is destroyed. They then remodel their delicate our bodies to religious and enter the religious realms.


In each materials universe is one Vaikuntha planet with an ocean of milk the place Lord Vishnu resides on an island known as Svetadvipa. This planet is Dhruvaloka. Residing listed here are fully pure personalities. In our universe this planet is seen because the polestar and is located above the planets of the Seven Rishis. As it’s a religious planet, it’s everlasting and subsequently stays when all different planets inside the materials universes are destroyed. It’s stated that this planet is the pivot for all materials stars’ and planets’ orbits. All planets journey at excessive speeds in orbit, together with the solar, which travels 16,000 miles per second in its orbit round Dhruvaloka. The planets of the seven sages are stars slightly below this planet that additionally orbit Dhruvaloka. They’re all the time involved with the welfare of the dwelling entities inside this materials world and ship emissaries to convey religious information at varied occasions and circumstances.

Sanaiscara (Saturn)

Saturn is taken into account an inauspicious planet astrologically, as he offers painful classes to us right here on earth. It’s located 1,600,000 miles above Jupiter and passes via one signal of the zodiac each 30 months.

Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Jupiter is taken into account a most auspicious heavenly planet and is mostly thought-about favorable astrologically, relying on placement on the time of our births right here on earth. It’s a planet of devas, and located 1,600,000 miles above Mars.

Angaraka (Mars)

Mars is taken into account to be a malefic planet, which creates lack of rainfall on earth and virtually all the time is able to creating unfavorable influences right here. It’s located 1,600,000 miles above Mercury.

Buddha (Mercury)

Mercury is claimed to be the son of the moon and is 1,600,000 miles past the planet Venus. As does Venus, he typically strikes behind the solar, typically in entrance, and typically together with it. Usually the affect of Mercury is claimed to be auspicious astrologically, besides when not shifting with the solar. At such occasions this planet causes nice storms on earth.

Shukra (Venus)

Venus is taken into account a most auspicious and favorable planet, and can also be of the heavenly planets. Venus is claimed to convey rainfall, one more reason for it being thought-about auspicious to life on earth.

Chandraloka (Moon)

The Moon is without doubt one of the 4 most vital residences of the demigods. Those that worship the demigods via sacrifice geared toward nice materials enjoyment are promoted to the Moon. Right here the celestial, intoxicating beverage known as “soma” is out there. It’s not doable to enter into and even see the precise heavenly dimensions of this planet with our current eyes. The Moon passes via the whole zodiac in roughly one month. He influences the expansion of vegetation and subsequently thought-about the life-giver for all dwelling beings on earth.

Surya (Solar)

The Solar is the supply of sunshine and warmth for our universe. Fashionable science considers many stars to even be suns, however within the vedic literature they’re thought-about to be planets of various materials components, however not the middle, as is the Solar. Surya, the solar god, is taken into account an growth of Narayana (a type of Lord Vishnu). He controls the seasons right here on earth. It’s located between Bhuloka and Bhuvarloka, rotating via the time circle of the zodiac. Yogis working towards hatha or ashtanga yoga, or these performing agnihotra sacrifices, worship the solar for his or her profit. The demigods residing on the solar planet have our bodies made of fireplace, mandatory for all times right here.


Rahu is claimed to be an invisible planet, which is located 80,000 miles beneath the solar. It causes photo voltaic and lunar eclipses, as Rahu, together with Ketu, are the north and south nodes of the moon respectively.

Siddhaloka, Caranaloka, & Vidyadharaloka

These planets are 80,000 miles beneath Rahu. The residents of those planets are born with pure mystic powers, together with the power to fly with out mechanical means, even to different planets. They’ve all of the mystic siddhis, and being materially excellent beings can management gravity, time, and house. Their arts, tradition, and sciences are far superior to that information possessed by we right here within the earthly realm.

Yakshaloka & Rakshashaloka

Beneath these greater planetary programs, within the sky known as “antariksha”, are the residences of the Yakshas, Rakshashas, Pisachas, ghosts, and different etheral beings. This realm extends so far as the wind blows and clouds float within the sky. Above this there is no such thing as a air.

Bhu-mandala (Center Earth)

The planetary programs of center earth (Bhumandala or Bhuloka) are abodes of each requirements of dwelling akin to we take pleasure in on our planet, in addition to some heavenly abodes the place dwelling beings might “cease” on the best way to, or from, births within the heavenly planetary programs. There are seven planetary programs, that are divided by seven oceans. The names of the planetary programs are Jambu, Plaksha, Salmali, Kusha, Krauncha, Shaka, and Pushkara. Every system is twice as giant because the one previous it, and every ocean between the programs are made respectively of salt water, sugarcane juice, liquor, ghee, milk, emulsified yogurt, and candy water.

Bhumandala is formed like a lotus flower and the seven planetary programs are within the whorl of the lotus. The radius of Bhumandala extends so far as the sunshine, and the bounds of our imaginative and prescient right here to see the celebrities and moon. Because the sunshine reaches earth from a distance of 93,000,000 miles, that is the radius of the airplane of Bhumandala.

Decrease Planetary Techniques

Under the earth are seven different programs known as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala. These decrease planetary programs are the identical dimension because the earth planet, and start 560,000 miles beneath earth. Sunshine doesn’t attain these planets and lightweight comes from jewels on the hoods of serpents. These planets are populated by individuals of nice energy and opulence, but of demoniac consciousness, who’ve reached right here via austerity geared toward materials enjoyment with out religious growth. They don’t turn out to be previous and diseased and worry solely the time issue, which finally should destroy their abodes. Due to this fact they’re given the identify of “bila-svarga”, or subterranean heavenly planets.

The residents right here take pleasure in a normal of fabric consolation extra opulent than even the upper planets on account of their wishes for prime requirements of sensual enjoyment, wealth, and affect. The residents are often called Daityas, Danavas, and Nagas and are all engaged in illusory materials enjoyment with no considered religious liberation. There are unbelievable feats of structure of their cities bedecked with priceless jewels in homes, gardens, compounds, and many others. All residents drink juices and bathe in natural elixirs which free them from any nervousness or bodily illness, in addition to any signal of bodily getting old. The visible beauty of those synthetic heavens surpasses that of the upper planets and this sensual ambiance fully captures the thoughts, permitting no ideas however these directed towards sensual pleasure and happiness. Since time will not be divided into days and nights on account of no sunshine reaching these planets, they haven’t any worry produced by time. Solely on the time of dissolution does nervousness and worry eat them.

Narakaloka, the Hellish Planetary Techniques

Beneath the planet Patalaloka, and barely above the water of the Garbhodaka ocean, are the Naralokas, or the hellish planetary programs. These planets are of various levels of struggling for individuals who should endure life there. Right here on earth we are able to see many hellish circumstances of struggling for individuals, however nothing like what’s skilled on these planets. They’re stated to be a spot of rectification for individuals who commit probably the most abominable actions whereas dwelling as people on the earthly airplane. Though life right here looks as if it goes on for an eternity, in precise reality the period of 1’s “karmic sentence” right here could also be solely seconds or moments. There are 28 totally different hellish planets described within the Vedic literatures.

These descriptions of the fabric creation, in addition to the religious planets, could also be present in a number of Vedic literatures to a far larger depth. I’ve out of necessity significantly abbreviated the data given right here.

All the planetary programs within the materials world will in time be annihilated. This annihilation takes place in two methods. Partial annihilation happens each 4,300,000,000 photo voltaic years, or on the finish of every day on Satyaloka. This extends from the hellish planets via all decrease planetary programs as much as the heavenly planets. The very best planets usually are not annihilated right now. All the cosmic manifestation is wound up within the common type of God each 8,600,000,000 x 30 x 12 x 100 photo voltaic years. The religious world, which isn’t annihilated, merely absorbs the fabric creation. It’s described that earlier than the destruction there is no such thing as a rain for a whole bunch of years. Every part dries up and dies on account of steady sunshine. The solar turns into 12 occasions as highly effective as was beforehand. Then there are horrendous rains that take up the whole lot into water.

The mortal our bodies of dwelling entities, together with all vegetation, merge into the earth. The earth merges into its delicate sensation of perfume. Perfume merges into water, and water merges into its high quality of style. That style merges into fireplace, which merges into type. Type merges into contact and contact into ether. Ether lastly merges into the feeling of sound. The senses all merge into their origins, the presiding devas and demigods, then they merge into the controlling thoughts, which merges into ego within the mode of goodness. Sound turns into one with ego within the mode of ignorance, and ego (the to begin with the bodily components), merges into the whole nature. The entire materials nature dissolves into the modes (goodness, ardour, and ignorance). These modes then merge into the unmanifest type of nature, and that unmanifest type merges into time. Time merges into the Supreme Godhead, current as Maha-Vishnu, the unique creator of the cosmic manifestation. The origin of all life merges into God, the unborn Supreme Soul who stays one with no second, and from whom all creation and annihilation takes place. This annihilation of the fabric world is the precise reverse of the method of creation. Every part finally rests inside the Supreme Absolute.

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