Tri Wing Screws on the Wii U: Query and Reply

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In case you have ever tried to take aside the Wii U I’m positive you have got seen that there are screws holding it collectively that require a Y-shaped screwdriver to take them out. These sort of screws are referred to as tri wing screws and are generally referred to as the Nintendo screw. The explanation they’re referred to as the Nintendo screw is as a result of Nintendo has used it for a few years to place collectively their online game consoles and different merchandise.

On this article we can be answering just a few questions that you simply might need about these screws in relation to the Wii U. We may also be answering some questions that you simply most likely have not considered however can be involved in.

Query: What’s the cope with the tri wing screw? Does Nintendo know it’s inconvenient?

Reply: Sure, Nintendo is aware of that it’s inconvenient and so they meant it to be that manner. Many occasions firms will use one thing referred to as a safety screw. A safety screw is a screw that requires a instrument that isn’t very simply accessible to take it out. Firms like Nintendo use the sort of screw as a result of they don’t want simply anybody to have the ability to take aside their stuff. They’d relatively you despatched it in to be fastened or purchased a brand new console.

Query: Does the Wii U solely use tri wing screws?

Reply: No, there will not be solely tri wing screws which might be at work holding the Wii U collectively. There are just a few small Phillips screws within the combine as effectively. When taking aside a Wii U you will want to maintain a Phillips screwdriver useful alongside together with your tri wing screwdriver.

Query: Does the Wii U recreation pad use tri wing screws too?

Reply: Sure! The sport pad can be responsible of utilizing these little screws. In relation to a product made by Nintendo it has a 95% likelihood of utilizing the sort of screw. The sport pad, similar to the precise console, makes use of a mixture of tri wing and Phillips screws.

Query: Why does Nintendo use Phillips screws too? Cannot they use one sort of screw as a substitute of a number of?

Reply: This can be a thriller to all of us. Your guess is pretty much as good as the subsequent. It looks like it could make extra sense to make use of one sort as a substitute of blending and matching however I suppose we are going to simply need to proceed to scratch our heads.

Query: Are there any web sites that promote a very good tri wing screwdriver?

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