The True Story Behind the Movie – ‘The Exorcist’

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Most individuals have both learn the book (1971) or seen the movie (1973) ‘The Exorcist’, the place a younger lady known as, Regan MacNeil was regarded as possessed by demons. Nevertheless, in actuality, this movie was primarily based on the true life occasions of a boy named, Roland Doe.

This story turned the inspiration for in all probability probably the most standard horror movies of all time.

The author, William Peter Blatty turned impressed to write down this book after he found there have been diaries of the exorcism, written by the Jesuit Clergymen throughout and after Rev. William S. Bowdern’s repeated makes an attempt to exorcise 13 12 months outdated Roland Doe.

In 1949, William Blatty was an English main pupil at Georgetown College, when he started studying the newspaper articles relating to the exorcism of Roland Doe. He subsequently approached his lecturer, Rev. Thomas Bermingham informing him of the story. The Reverand then went on to conduct additional investigations and found that the diaries of Roland Doe had in actual fact been chronicled by the Jesuit Clergymen.

It was unlucky for Blatty, however he was unable acquire permission to learn the diaries, subsequently, he needed to flip to prolonged newspaper investigations, which resulted in some superb discoveries:

In January 1949, a younger boy known as, Roland Doe and his dysfunctional household started experiencing unusual incidence’s of their dwelling. The placement continues to be undecided for a lot of causes. One in all them being:

Years later when Father Bowdern was requested by Blatty through the making of the movie if he ought to go to the Doe household, the Father turned insistent that the household’s location and confidentiality stay secret to guard the boy. Nevertheless, I can reveal, it was both Maryland, USA, or Mount Rainer, USA.

Wherever the true location could also be, it’s recognized that the household’s troubles started with minor disturbances, specifically scratching sounds heard in varied places of their dwelling (normally coming from the ceiling or the partitions). This led the household to suspect rodent infestation. Nevertheless, after contacting a rodent extermination agency, who carried out a full investigation, it was decided that the home was freed from infestation.

It was not lengthy after this when the reason for these disruptions started taking over a extra dramatic and sinister position.

Roland Doe was to be the unlucky sufferer of this relentless phenomena.

While sleeping, he started experiencing violent mattress shaking episodes and sheets being dragged off his mattress. These onslaughts quickly elevated in depth and will typically be heard and witnessed by the household.

As Roland’s household turned satisfied these assaults had been real, additionally they began to hyperlink Roland’s fascination with the Ouija board. Roland started to dabble with this ‘recreation’ because of his Aunt Tillie, who launched him to it earlier than she died on January twenty sixth, 1949 – eleven days previous to the beginning of the paranormal exercise.

Though Roland’s mom suspected Aunt Tillie was the reason for the haunting, the household needed to act rapidly as concern grew for Roland’s welfare.

As Roland had been baptized a Lutheran after beginning, the household known as within the assist of two Lutheran ministers – one being Rev. Luther Schultze. Accompanying them was a Rabbi, who it’s believed was solely there due to his information in any such suspected phenomena.

While the younger boy was being assessed by the Rabbi, it’s stated that Roland out of the blue started ranting in a language he had no earlier information of.

The 2 Lutheran ministers had no clue as to what Roland was saying, nonetheless, the Rabbi understood each phrase…Roland was talking the rabbi’s native tongue of Hebrew – fluently!


After researching numerous conflicting articles on the exorcism of Roland Doe and finding out the Jesuit clergymen diaries, I can now provide the details surrounding the lead as much as and the precise exorcism from the perfect of my information.

It was first understood on my own, after studying varied analogies, that Roland’s mom held numerous Ouija board séance’s in an effort to contact Aunt Tillie, nonetheless, I found this was not the case:

Roland Doe’s mom ‘suspected’ that lately departed Aunt Tillie was the reason for Roland’s regime of relentless torment. Throughout one episode the place Roland was being terrorised by this unknown drive, his mom shouted out, ‘if that is you Tillie, knock 3 times’.

Instantly, a chilly breeze loomed down and weaved its icy breath round Roland’s mom, grandmother, after which Roland himself. Then got here three distinct knocks on the ground, which all three of them heard.

Mrs Doe hesitantly requested, ‘if that actually is you Tillie, knock 4 occasions’. Once more, all three heard 4 knocks on the ground…however most disturbingly – claw like marks had been later found on Roland’s mattress.

Nevertheless, Aunt Tillie was later discarded because the trigger after the paranormal exercise carried over into Roland’s college. Roland was aghast as his college desk started transferring round by itself in full view of the horrified instructor and faculty children. This later resulted in Roland’s expulsion from the varsity.

Understandably, the Doe household the place traumatized in addition to fearing for Roland’s health because the phenomena elevated. Reverend Shultze was introduced in to look at the assaults on Roland. Over a interval of a number of nights, Shultze witnessed the boy seeming to be in agony as he slept – flaying his arms round and ripping his sheets. The Reverend was nonetheless nonetheless unconvinced of paranormal exercise and referred Roland to the Psychological Hygiene Clinic of the College of Maryland for assessments. The assessments got here again with conclusive outcomes…Roland was thought of under no circumstances irregular.

Nonetheless sceptical of paranormal exercise, Shultze requested Roland to remain over at his parsonage. Shultze’s predominant goal was to find if Roland’s dwelling was being haunted, or whether or not it was Roland himself.

On February seventeenth 1949, Roland was taken to Shultze’s dwelling the place he would spend the evening and be monitored by Shultze. The Reverend wouldn’t be upset.

Through the evening, the Reverend said that distinct scratching noises had been heard coming from Roland’s room. Shultze then entered the bed room and was horrified to witness Roland being tipped out of the armchair he was sitting in and the mattress at his aspect vibrating.

Shultze would later observe scratches showing on Roland’s physique in entrance of his eyes. The Reverend realised that point was now of the essence and beneficial the Doe household contact the Catholics.

Roland’s mother and father had been by now so determined; they determined to take Roland to see Father Albert Hughes at St. James Catholic Church in Mount Rainier.

Within the meantime, a really involved cousin of Roland’s, who was a pupil of Father Raymond J. Bishop at St Louis College confided in him in regards to the paranormal exercise happening within the Doe family. After concluding he had little doubt she was talking the reality, he determined to debate this matter together with his outdated buddy, Rev. William S. Bowdern.

Father Bowden would go on to be the primary instigator within the exorcism of Roland Doe.


Roland Doe’s household had been by now clear in thoughts that evil had possessed their 13-year-old son after he had performed quite a few Ouija board periods. Their solely selection left was to go to Father Albert Hughes at St. James Catholic Church in Mount Rainier for evaluation.

Father Hughes was initially disbelieving and hesitant in regards to the case. Nevertheless, he agreed to conduct the interview…encountering in all probability one of many worlds most inconceivable, unearthly instances of possession recognized thus far.


It was reported; as Father Hughes started interviewing Roland, the icy breath felt by the Doe household throughout their ‘supposed’ contact with Aunt Tillie had as soon as extra made its hostile return.

Nonetheless sceptical, Father Hughes carried on with the interview, which was quickly adopted by Roland spilling out a tirade of ungodly language directed on the Father. Hughes was evidently shocked however nonetheless remained unconvinced. Nevertheless, this was swiftly dispelled when Roland out of the blue started talking fluently in Latin. A language he had by no means been taught.

On the finish of the interview, there was apparently little doubt in Father Hughes thoughts that Roland Doe was certainly possessed as he instantly contacted his archbishop, Cardinal O’Boyle and requested his permission to conduct an exorcism. This was authorized after the Cardinal studied the case and the medical proof.


The primary exorcism of Roland Doe came about on the Georgetown hospital. Earlier than the ritual Roland was tied securely to the mattress, which was a traditional practise.

Because the exorcism commenced, Roland launched a spitting frenzy directed at Father Hughes. It was reported the outpouring was despatched with such drive and unimaginable purpose, it was described as ‘past pure.’

The exorcism then got here to its grisly finish because the younger boy started screaming obscenities on the Father and broke free from his restraint. Roland then manifested an influence far past his years and situation – ripping a steel spring from the mattress and slashing the Father’s left arm – leading to Hughes needing over 100 stitches.

Roland promptly turned peaceable after Father Hughes left the room – not referring to the exorcism in any respect; it was as if all recollections had drained right into a void of obscurity.

Roland was not thought of to be in want of hospitalisation after the exorcism and was despatched dwelling. Within the meantime, Father Hughes was unable to understand the truth of what he had simply witnessed and suffered a psychological breakdown.

The case nonetheless remained removed from closed; one thing wanted to be carried out to assist Roland. After his cousin had spoken together with her professor, Father Bishop at St Lois College (talked about on the finish of half two), it was determined that he and his good buddy Father Bowdern would go to Roland.

On March ninth 1949 Father Bishop and Father Bowdern, along with a younger Jesuit priest, Fr. Walter Halloran went to Roland’s dwelling. Through the go to, they had been horrified to find Roland’s physique had been disfigured with bleeding scratches to his chest. Different phenomenon was additionally witnessed, which resulted in Cardinal Ritter being petitioned by the clergymen in an effort to perform one other exorcism.

The exorcism was granted by Cardinal Ritter on March sixteenth 1949…quickly afterwards the clergymen started the exorcism rites.

The exorcism took on a sinister air from the beginning, with violent mattress actions reported, excessive hostile language and intensive spitting coming from Roland. When additional bloody scratch marks apparently spelled out the phrases ‘hell’ and ‘satan’ it was determined for everybody’s security, the exorcism must be carried on within the psychiatric ward on the Alexian Brothers Hospital.

On the hospital, Father Bowdern started the exorcism by reciting prayers from ‘The Roman Ritual’. While Father Bishop wrote a diary of the occasions.

Roland then screamed in obvious ache because the prayers went on. At one level Bowdern was clearly shaken because the boy spat out the phrases, ‘I am in hell – I see you – you are in hell – it is 1957.’

Roland then started spitting on the clergymen once more. Fr. Halloran was reported to have stated that Roland was an absolute marksman when he spat, he said that even together with his eyes closed Roland would spit proper in your face.

The exorcism went on for nights with every episode turning into extra fearsome than the final. On one event Roland exploded with such rage, he hit Halloran with a drive which broke his nostril.

Bowdern started reciting the Roman Ritual of Christian Exorcism again and again:

‘I solid thee out, thou unclean spirit, together with the least encroachment of the depraved enemy and each phantom and diabolical legion. Within the identify of our Lord Jesus Christ, depart and vanish from this creature of God.’

After hours of reciting, Bowdern and the others had been alarmed when Roland sat bolt upright and introduced in a booming voice he was the ‘Arc Angel Michael’ and demanded the demon to depart Roland.

Roland writhed round, contorting his physique in obscure positions till finally he lay nonetheless. Then he sat up and spoke in his regular voice declaring to all of the relieved witnesses, he had simply seen a imaginative and prescient of St Michael holding a flaming sword. The exorcism was a hit!

Twelve days after the exorcism Roland’s household moved from St Louis to Maryland. Roland later wrote to Father Bowdern telling him he was settled and had very imprecise recollections of what had occurred to him.

The final report of Roland Doe is of a fortunately married man with three children and nonetheless residing in Maryland.

The Catholic church has a filed file which states that the possession of Roland Doe was ‘real’ with forty one signatures of witnesses to the occasions.

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