The Infinity Downside

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There are quite a few practically incomprehensible scientific ideas we now have heaps and plenty of hassle wrapping our heads round. There are physics ideas like quantum mechanics; further / hidden dimensions and relativity theories; organic ideas just like the thoughts / mind duality, free will, self-identity, and the character of consciousness; there’s the mathematical idea of the sq. roots of damaging numbers; and metaphysical / philosophical points like why is there one thing somewhat than nothing or what precisely is the character of actuality?

However probably the most mathematical / physics / theological / philosophical conundrums is the idea of the infinite, or infinity. That is up for dialogue this spherical.

All infinities are equal, however some are extra equal than others.

Fundamental Definitions

*Nothing: Nothing is outlined right here as the overall absence of all mass and pressure particles (i.e. – electrons, photons, and many others.). That is nothing.

*Infinity: Infinity implies that regardless of how far you go (in time or in area), you may at all times go farther. That is infinity.

Fundamental Premises

*No factor can create itself.

*From nothing, nothing comes.

*Solely from one thing, somethings comes.

*One thing cannot be created out of nothing.

*There are not any spatial / temporal boundaries or partitions.

*If N, then N+1.

Infinity and Arithmetic

*In relation to pure arithmetic, we all know that there are an infinite variety of damaging numbers; an infinite variety of optimistic numbers; an infinite variety of even numbers; an infinite variety of odd numbers; an infinite variety of values between any two consecutive complete numbers (like between 10 and 11). We find out about infinity in arithmetic, that, for instance, Pi has an infinite variety of locations after the decimal level. We all know that there is an infinite variety of strains that may be drawn between any two locations.

However all of that’s simply pure abstraction with little if any connection to actual existence and sensible issues and related operations.

Infinity and Physics

*Time and Area: The essential premise right here is that regardless of how far you go, temporally or spatially, you may go even farther. In different phrases, if N, then N + 1.

*Matter and Vitality: The essential rule right here is the First law of Thermodynamics. Matter / power can neither be created nor destroyed. The apparent implication is that subsequently matter / power has infinitely existed.

*Infinity may be both unbounded or bounded. Infinity is unbounded like within the case the place two parallel strains that simply prolong indefinitely with out ever assembly. Infinity may be bounded. For instance the Earth is bounded in that it’s finite, but you may journey round it in time and in area an infinite variety of occasions.

*And even some scientists who ought to know higher loosely throw across the time period “infinity” or “infinite” with somewhat reckless abandon as in stating or referencing “infinite density” or “infinite temperature.” That is simply nonsense.

Infinity and Theology

*Both a deity or deities exist or they don’t exist.

*If a deity or deities do certainly exist, then they’re both everlasting or created by a earlier deity or deities.

*If a deity or deities are everlasting, eternal, perpetually current – that is equal to infinity.

*If a deity or deities are created, that of necessity results in an infinite regress.

*Due to this fact, regardless of the way you slice and cube, there is a theological infinity to be handled, all of the extra so when many theologies promise an everlasting afterlife existence.

*Nonetheless an everlasting afterlife existence could be an everlasting boring hell. In contrast to the Vulcan philosophy of occasions having an Infinite Variety in Infinite Mixtures (IDIC), there’s really solely doable a finite range in finite mixtures. Thus, in an infinite / everlasting afterlife, you are going to finally infinite repeat what you’ve got already endlessly and repeatedly accomplished earlier than. Boring.

Infinity and Philosophy

*It’s even claimed that God (as a illustration of some deity and the supernatural) could not from His infinite previous arrive at “now” to do no matter God wished to do “now”. Hogwash!

*So, the philosophical / meta-philosophical query is, if there may be an infinite previous, are you able to ever arrive at now? It is all too simple.

*The Timeline: In an infinite timeline there are an infinite variety of occasions, every of which is finite (i.e. – just like the occasion that’s you). This is a helpful analogy. Let’s assign every distinctive and finite occasion a novel quantity. What number of distinctive numbers can be found to be assigned? Nicely we all know from the above that there are an infinite variety of distinctive numbers obtainable which might take an infinite period of time (an infinite timeline) to depend off these infinite variety of distinctive numbers.

*Regardless of the place you might be on an infinite number-line, you may make progress, say by counting ahead from say 100 (the place you might be) to 150 (the place you wish to be “now”), or backward for that matter from 150 to 100.

*You may arrive at any particular occasion on an infinite timeline simply as you may arrive at any particular distinctive quantity within the infinite number-line. Regardless of the place you might be on an infinite timeline, you may make progress in direction of “now” by going say from Saturday to Sunday; January to February; 2001 to 2002, and many others.

*One further apart, you do not really should make progress to reach at “now”, every time you might be you might be at the moment or the “now”.

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