The Historic Origin of Uegwere Boue Neighborhood of Ogoniland in Rivers State of Nigeria

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The Neighborhood named Uegwere Boue is situated within the Khana Native Authorities Space of Rivers State. They’re a part of a well-known tribe known as Ogoni. In response to oral custom, the Ogoni individuals migrated from historical Ghana all the way down to the Atlantic coast ultimately making their method over to the jap Niger Delta. Linguistic calculations carried out by Kay Williams place the Ogoni within the Niger Delta since earlier than 15 BC, making them one of many oldest settlers within the jap Niger Delta area. Radiocarbon courting taken from websites round Ogoniland and the neighbouring communities’ oral traditions additionally help this declare. They’re one of many few tribes that survived the interval of slave commerce as a result of they lived in relative isolation and didn’t lose any of their members to enslavement. After Nigeria was colonized by the British in 1885, British troopers arrived in Ogoni by 1901. Main resistance to their presence continued by 1914.

Some historians have recognized some notable similarities between the Ogonis and the Volta individuals of Ghana. The tactic of farming of yam and cassava within the Volta area of Ghana is similar with the Ogonis. And the 2 crops are their chief crops. There are a number of villages and communities whose names are the identical in each tribes, instance Elelme, Kpone and Bakpo. Additionally, alphabets and pronunciation of some Volta individuals and people of the Ogoni persons are the identical.

Uegwere Boue is among the cities in Boue Neighborhood which includes of ten villages. There isn’t any clear or particular date of her origin however some historians consider that Uegwere existed within the occasions of the Homo-Erectus Stone Age. In response to oral custom, Uegwere Boue was based by three brothers named; Gbene-kiri, Gbene-ka-bien and Bie. The three nice forefathers of the neighborhood settled first in a neighborhood named Kpong and later moved to a spot known as Luawii. Different historians said that additionally they moved to Bara-Boue. The migration of those brothers was mainly due to the seek for financial bushes (hardwood) that shall be used to supply masks, family utensils, doorways, and so forth. Another excuse for his or her fixed migration was the search to find fertile land for planting, since they have been additionally farmers.

It’s stated that Gbene-ka-bien in one in all his quite a few exploration found a land that was wealthy in hardwood. Thrilled by the viability of the land, he began clearing part of the land instantly. To indicate the selfless nature of Gbene-ka-bien, he went again to Luawii to enlighten his brothers of his nice discovery. Historic information differs on which of the brothers that first joined Gbene-ka-bien. Some historians argue that it was Gbene-kiri, whereas others declare that Bie was the primary that adopted their brother. Nevertheless, the three brothers moved to the brand new based land which they named Uegwere, derived from “gwere” (a strong hardwood). Thus Uegwere means the land of hardwood. Gbene-ka-bien cleared, cultivated and inhabited in part of Uegewere the place he named Ee-yor-bia. And Gbene-kiri based extra villages which embody; Si-yormii, Eegwere, Nor-maa, Kee-dara-karabe and the land the Neighborhood Secondary College occupies. Whereas, Bie who was stated to be younger, sturdy and vibrant cleared from Kuruga to Ee-lor-lor, which is the most important land in Uegwere. They lived in peace and concord with their households, there was no hint of inside disaster or warfare.

Different notable descendants of those three nice ancestors are Gbenekwo, Gbene-Nyonwa, Gbenetigira,Gbenelaga,Gboe, and others. The households of Gbene-kiri, Gbene-ka-bien and Bie are the inspiration and most necessary home of Uegwere Boue. These households have to be represented in any necessary occasion in the neighborhood to make such event official.

Like many individuals on the Guinea coast, the Ogoni have an inside political construction topic to neighborhood by neighborhood association, together with appointment of chiefs and neighborhood improvement our bodies, some acknowledged by authorities and others not. Uegwere Neighborhood name their ruler “Mene-bue”, and the system of presidency was confederal democracy. The primary ruler of the neighborhood was Gbene-Bara-Kenam. He dominated for a few years earlier than his spouse’s loss of life throughout youngster start pressured him to shift the throne to a non-indigene known as Tor-bue. Gbene-Bara-Kenam needed to give attention to his younger youngster and not had the zeal to rule Uegwere Boue. After the reign of Tor-Bue, Mene-Bue Koobee Asoo ascended the throne. It was stated that he was an awesome warrior who escaped from Gwara after a number of makes an attempt was made to assassinate him. He ran to Uegwere the place he naturalised. After the loss of life of the nice Chief Asoo, Ikpaa grew to become the Mene-Bue. The present ruler of Uegwere is Chief Te-ep Friday Koobee the son of Chief Ikpaa.

Historically, the Ogoni are agricultural, additionally recognized for livestock herding, fishing, salt and palm oil cultivation and commerce. The delight of each younger man in Uegwere lies in his power and agricultural abilities. Mother and father often suggested or generally pursued their daughter to marry hardworking farmers as a result of they consider that diligent males will take excellent care of their daughters. The neighborhood produces yam, cassava, fish, palm wine fruits and diverse greens in giant amount. Earlier than the introduction of cash as technique of change, the individuals the place absolutely engaged in commerce by barter. They change their native produce for different scarce merchandise with different neighbouring communities.

Culturally, the individuals of Uegwere Boue are wealthy. She is loaded with cultural festivals which embody masquerading and dance. The “tee-bee” masquerade show is a scene to behold, whereas the distinguished “Jimpie” masquerade show which comes up as soon as in 4 years is a firstclass vacationer attraction. The neighborhood additionally boasts of fascinating and scrumptious delicacies which incorporates “beeteh and akpoyaaee. Uegwere Bouerians converse the Ogoni language as its dominant lingual Franca.

Earlier than the appearance of colonialism and missionary actions the individuals of Uegwere Boue have been Pagans. She had some dreaded oracles like “Amanikpo”, which served as their deity and chief decide. Anybody accused of main offences are taken to the oracle for judgement. Some historians perceived that like most African tribe, there are traces of killing of twins, human and animal sacrifice, secret societies and cannibalism within the olden occasions of this neighborhood. Presently, Christianity is essentially the most dominant religion. Though there nonetheless conventional worshippers however their inhabitants is insignificant in comparison with the variety of Christians. Uegwere Boue accommodates virtually all of the church denominations in Nigeria.

In abstract, Uegwere Boue is among the oldest communities in Ogoniland. She has a democratic authorities settings void of discrimination and tribalism. The neighborhood is autonomous together with her expert and diligent farmers, hunters and fishermen. Christianity is the dominant religion of the neighborhood and the wealthy cultural heritage of Uegwere is second to none.

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