Technical Writing – Definition of Copyright and Copywriting

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Definition of Copyright and Copywriting

You’ll be able to apply for a copyright or you possibly can apply for some copywriting, however they’re completely various things. Within the first case, you are asking for a doc that offers you the precise to publish one thing. Within the second, you are asking for a writing job. Writers usually get them confused.


A copyright is a authorized doc issued by the Copyright part of the USA Patent Workplace. It states that the individual named on the doc because the writer owns the precise to publish the written materials designated within the doc. That does not imply that the individual named truly wrote the copy, solely that she or he has the authorized proper to publish it.

It is not essential to copyright something. Legally, as quickly as an individual commits phrases to paper, they’re protected by a copyright whether or not a authorities doc has been acquired or not. Virtually, for those who write one thing, and I apply for and get a copyright on it, it may be powerful so that you can show that you simply wrote it.

From the tech author’s POV, it is a bit completely different. The law says that work ready by an worker throughout the scope of his or her employment, or a piece specifically ordered or commissioned is a “work made for rent” and the employer is taken into account to be the writer. For those who receives a commission to put in writing one thing for another person, you do not have a proper to it.

In its appropriate varieties, the phrase is:

– copyright: the precise to publish

“She owns the copyright to that book.”

– copyrighted: the situation of being lined by a copyright

“You’ll be able to’t publish that as a result of it is copyrighted materials.”

– copyrighting: the act of acquiring a copyright

“I am copyrighting this whilst I write it.”

There isn’t any such type as copyright or copywritten appropriately related to this definition despite the fact that the Microsoft Phrase Spell Test accepts copywritten as an accurate spelling (however does not say for what), and copywritten reveals up everywhere in the Net instead of copyrighted.


Copywriting is the act of making copy or content material. Usually, the time period refers to writing within the sense of making non-technical materials. It is completely different from the form of writing tech writers do. Some jobs that decision for copywriting are advertising brochures, magazines, newspapers, and consumer-directed communications. For those who’re a author, you could be a copywriter.


This is one other comparability to watch out of. If you wish to write performs, you need to be a playwright. Sure, that is proper. You must write wright once you’re writing about writing performs. We nearly by no means use wright by itself. It is used principally in compound phrases similar to wheelwright, millwright, or wainwright. We do see it so much as a reputation; Frank Lloyd Wright or Wright/Patterson Airbase.

Wright has the identical history as Smith. A smith was anybody who labored some form of steel with a hammer; blacksmith, tinsmith, silversmith. A wright was a craftsman who made one thing. The identify of the occupation turned the identify of a person.

An individual who makes performs is a playwright. True, he could write them, however he isn’t a playwright. I suppose you may argue that an individual who writes copy is a copywright, however it’s not used that approach.

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