Science-Artwork and Most cancers Analysis

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Human evolution has been one in all continuous cycles of battle between varied mythological gods, some tribal and others belonging to nice civilisations. The manufacture of lovely artefacts date durations of human creativity that waxed after which waned. Nice cities arose solely to develop into the ruins of antiquity, as weapons of destruction and enslavement advanced to chart the course of human future. Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest theories have been primarily based upon a scientific definition of those energies of fixed harmful chaos. Darwin thought they belonged to the inhabitants theories of the reverend Thomas Malthus, director of the East India Firm, which was waging a warfare of supremacy towards rivals of the British Empire. Darwin’s well-known voyage on the Beagle was underneath the patronage of the East India Firm.

Darwin’s definition of the power of chaos was primarily based upon the legal guidelines governing the functioning of steam engines, with meals being the gasoline sustaining the human warmth engine. Darwin, employed by the East India Firm, thought-about that its financial insurance policies have been to make sure continuous entry to meals, guaranteeing the organic progress of the Empire. Henry Cole, the driving drive behind the Nice Exhibition of 1851, underneath the patronage of Queen Victoria, acknowledged that England wanted to check the straight line geometrical construction of chaos power. This grew to become the premise of British scientific training all through the world. Through the twentieth Century, quantum mechanics was developed from the logic depicting the energies of chaos, primarily based upon this straight line geometry.

When the gasoline driving a steam engine is exhausted, it ceases to operate. The warmth of the universe was thought-about to be radiating away into chilly area, till finally, in a number of billion years, it might develop into so chilly that every one life within the universe have to be destroyed. This scientific obsession, demanding a state of whole harmful chaos, is innately carcinogenic. The mathematician Georg Cantor, known as it a ‘myopic worry of infinity inhabiting the scientific thoughts’.

This prevailing obsession will be proven medically as a severe unbalanced psychological state of confusion. Extremist non secular fanatics are actually threatening Western civilisation. This means a repeat of the outdated cycle, battle related to an unbalanced economical and technological mindset. Through the twenty first Century ‘info power’ was found. This capabilities as a reversal of warmth movement power from sizzling to chilly. Carbon has the property of producing this info, with a purpose to preserve common power, stopping its radiation into chilly area. People, as a carbon primarily based life-form, might not essentially be evolving towards extinction, an idea in full defiance of the prevailing common warmth loss of life law governing Western tradition.

Arduous core scientific proof is required to deliver this matter right into a logical focus. First, Western science assumed that Newton’s concept of gravitational drive belonged to the workings of a mechanical clockwork universe. In reality, his mechanical description of the universe was balanced by his little identified printed gravitational theories. These Platonic theories belonged to the idea of an infinite universe, wherein life power advanced to infinity. The prevailing understanding of twentieth Century quantum mechanics was primarily based upon the false assumption that every one life should develop into extinct ‘common atomic decay’.

Optimum organic progress and improvement of seashell life-forms by way of space-time will be generated by infinite Platonic arithmetic. Mainstream arithmetic can solely generate distorted futuristic simulations, making it a carcinogenic idea, inhabiting the thoughts of recent science, as Georg Cantor had predicted.

Secondly, it was found how you can reveal that the human thoughts is programmed towards existence inside an infinite universe, with a purpose to keep away from extinction. Through the Golden Age of Danish science the event of infinite moral Platonic knowledge was thought-about by the philosophers Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas, to be attributable to a inventive asymmetrical electromagnetic optical phenomenon, functioning throughout the thoughts. When viewing laptop generated infinite fractal pictures by way of lenses exhibiting asymmetrical electromagnetic optical properties, stereoscopic pictures emerge. The patent doc for the glasses contained optical info related to most cancers analysis and in addition famous that Cezzanne, Van Gogh and another nice artists had intuitively painted the identical stereoscopic properties into their work.

This info has severe penalties. Quantum mechanics has clearly been constructed upon a false assumption, demonstrating that Western science has been constructed upon a pretentious loss of life cult logic by sentencing all life to extinction. The molecule of emotion is understood to continually improve mobile health by way of a course of involving infinite fractal logic, in defiance of the warmth loss of life law governing prevailing trendy financial and technological logic. The cycle of evolving human chaos belongs to a primitive way of thinking unable to guard itself from turning into extinct. Aristotle’s science to information ennobling authorities for the health of the universe, with a purpose to keep away from extinction, turns into the answer inside a brand new most cancers analysis medical science and with it the related new omni-technology

In 2002 Harvard College, Massachusetts College and the Royal Danish Consulate held a global symposium to elucidate to the world in regards to the social significance of the Danish Golden Age of science. They famous that many of the analysis had been written in Danish, not translated, coming invisible to English talking scholarship. Nevertheless, the chief of the Golden Age, the discoverer of the electromagnetic subject, Hans Christian Orsted’s science-Artwork theories had been translated. The misplaced message, demonstrating optimum non cancerous organic progress and improvement by way of space-time, by way of creative creativity, is now seen to English talking scholarship.

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