Renaissance Science, Plato’s Optics and Fuller’s Fractal Utopia

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The Parthenon of historic Athens is taken into account to be a cultural icon of Western civilisation. Just lately it has revealed optical rules that are actually reworking our primary understanding of contemporary science, bringing a couple of new Renaissance.

In 1687 a Turkish navy commander used the Parthenon to retailer gunpowder throughout a navy engagement in opposition to a Venetian cannon bombardment. One Venetian shot exploded the gunpowder leaving the Parthenon in a state of spoil. The current restoration of the Parthenon used pc expertise to measure the place the varied elements of the unique construction fitted into place. From that course of an essential discover was made. The Parthenon had been very fastidiously constructed to evolve to misplaced optical engineering rules.

Whereas information of a lot of historic Greek science have been destroyed as pagan heresy we do know that there as soon as existed optical engineering rules for a religious actuality. Plato recorded that engineers who didn’t perceive such optical rules have been barbarians who have been unfit to name themselves philosophers.

In her on-line book, A Fuller Rationalization, Professor Amy Edmondson, Novartis Chair at Harvard College, wrote about Plato’s optical discoveries. She admonished Buckminster Fuller for his enthusiastic enjoyment of new discovered truths however forgave him for showing to take the credit score for Plato’s engineering rules related to religious optics. We are able to assume that these rules relate to the optical secrets and techniques hidden within the Parthenon. The time period ‘religious actuality’ can now be equated with holographic actuality, which is understood to be related to the functioning of liquid crystal fractal logic. That logic is related to Buckminster Fuller’s concept of synergetics, a religious life-force vitality that acts in defiance of the logic that upholds fashionable mechanistic science.

Through the fifth Century AD such life-force hypothesis challenged the ability of the Christian hierarchy. Pope Cyril of Alexandria seems to have excited followers of Christianity to riot and burn scrolls belonging to the Agora, or Nice Library of Alexandria. The Custodian of the Library, the well-known mathematician, Hypatia, was murdered by the rioting mob. The 2009 Hollywood movie, Agora, information the occasions main as much as her dying in 415. history information that Saint Augustine, at the moment, wrote that Hypatia’s arithmetic belonged to the work of the satan.

Just lately the NASA Excessive Vitality Astrophysics library has printed papers explaining that the Classical Greek World-view was constructed upon the geometry of fractal logic. Trendy science readily accepts that fractal logic extends to infinity however stays ruled by the second law of thermodynamics. Einstein labeled the second law because the premier law of all of science. As this law, often known as the common warmth dying law, condemns all life to eventual extinction, any infinite fractal logic life-science turns into inconceivable. Augustine’s classification of Hypatia’s life-science because the work of the satan might be now seen to have critically contaminated fashionable science, a contamination of nice concern to Buckminster Fuller. Following NASA’s fractal logic publications it might appear cheap to have the ability to display errors within the twentieth Century fashionable analysis of Augustinian philosophy.

Encyclopaedia Britannica lists Augustine’s thoughts because the crucible which most utterly fused the Platonic custom of Greek philosophy with the religion of the New Testomony, influencing each Catholic and Protestant beliefs at present. Fuller’s synergetic life type arithmetic, derived from Plato’s religious optics, is now the idea of a brand new medical chemistry developed by three 1996 Nobel Laureates in chemistry. If Hypatia’s arithmetic was tied to Plato’s fractal life-science logic, then Western scientific tradition would seem like in a state of religious confusion. In his book, Past Socrates, the famous Cambridge College thinker of Greek pondering, F M Cornford. included Plato as one of many biggest fathers of the Christian Church, which is solely an unimaginable idea if Plato’s work is taken into account to be the work of the Satan.

The second law of thermodynamics utterly governs each facet of mainstream Western technological tradition. Whereas mainstream science readily accepts that the basic property of fractal logic is that it extends to infinity, this truth cannot probably be comprehended inside Einstein’s twentieth Century world-view, during which all life is sentenced to warmth dying extinction. Now we will see the importance of the title of Fuller’s book, Utopia or Oblivion.

This book echoed the thrust of the well-known 1959 Rede Lecture, delivered by the molecular biologist C P Snow, who warned that except fashionable science reunited with the Classical Greek life-science ethos, civilisation as we all know it have to be destroyed. The Parthenon’s misplaced optical secrets and techniques might be seen to be a quite essential discovery.

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