Renaissance Science and the Overpopulation Drawback

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The fifth Century BCE thinker, Anaxagoras, was a central determine within the improvement of the Classical Greek Period’s life science. The Harvard/NASA Excessive Vitality Astrophysics Division Library has revealed papers arguing that this life science was primarily based upon fractal geometrical logic. In the course of the fifth Century St Augustine categorized such pagan life science arithmetic as being the work of the satan. This successfully denied its re-emergence till the current time when the fractal life vitality theories of the engineer Buckminster Fuller, derived from Plato’s banished mathematical analysis, had been noticed functioning inside the DNA. Fuller’s work grew to become primary to a brand new medical life science institute established by the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry. Fuller’s world view fully challenged the mounted world view’s understanding of common vitality.

Plato had written that engineers who didn’t perceive about his non secular engineering rules had been like warlike barbarians who weren’t match to be referred to as philosophers. As moral arithmetic has been divorced from life science physics for nearly sixteen hundred years it’s crucial to clarify that for hundreds of years, properly which means aesthetical concerns had been no actual substitute for the misplaced Greek moral physics rules. This assertion calls for authoritative reference, as it’s quite offensive to demean sincere makes an attempt by scientists who strove to behave or assume ethically.

In 1990, Edward Husserl’s publication on pure logic listed the mathematician, Bernard Bolzano, as one of many world’s biggest logicians. German scientists lately rediscovered Bolzano’s Principle of science, which had been constructed by correcting the Aesthetics theories of Emmanuel Kant. By way of laptop extrapolation they found that Bolzano had primarily based his correction upon fractal logic. In 1991 the Cambridge College Press revealed the German scientist J Alberto Coffa’s response to Bolzano’s correction of Kant’s work. Within the book entitled The Semantic Custom from Kant to Carnap. To the Vienna Station, edited by Linda Wessels is the next paragraph “Kant had not even seen these issues; Bolzano solved them. And his options had been made potential by, and had been the supply of, a brand new strategy to the content material and character of a priori data.” Due to this fact, it may be moderately argued that Plato’s moral non secular engineering rules mustn’t have been banished from science within the first place.

Our current scientific world view is barbaric as a result of it’s incorrectly ruled by an vitality law that prohibits the existence of any life science being linked to the functioning of common ethics primarily based upon fractal logic. We will now examine the outdated engineering logic concerning options to, say, the issue of overpopulation, to the brand new fractal logic life science. Thomas Malthus’ well-known Inhabitants essay was primarily based upon the non secular teachings of St Thomas Aquinas, the thrust of which grew to become synonymous with the entropic second law of thermodynamics, now governing all of science.

Charles Darwin cited Mathus’s Inhabitants paper as the idea for his life science principle of evolution. A generally accepted entropic resolution to the issue of overpopulation is that nature will discover a technique to cull the inhabitants. However fractal logic is now presenting numerous actuality fashions that allude to new applied sciences offering extra moral concerns.

Animal and vegetable fatty acids mixed with minerals in prehistoric clays to type liquid crystal optical mineral soaps. When subjected to cosmic radiation crystalline buildings developed, defying the logic of current day entropic life science. For instance, jasper crystal development produces Mumford fractals. Mainstream science accepts {that a} property of fractal logic is that it extends to infinity. Plato’s non secular or holographic optical engineering rules seem to have been instigated by nature for some fully unknown future objective. Human Swarm Know-how alludes to varied prospects past the power of contemporary science to even start to understand, echoing Emmanuel Kant’s lack of ability to conceive of the issues that Bolzano solved.

Inhabitants might quickly inherit moral applied sciences anticipated by nature to permit inhabitants to disperse into elements of holographic actuality that holds infinite human survival potential.

Professor Robert Pope

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