Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and Humanoid Evolution

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This text is about supporting these many individuals who intuitively imagine that there’s an evolutionary change in human consciousness, one that’s happening for the betterment of the worldwide human situation. With out that instinct, the way forward for humanity would stay bleak. It’s now potential to make use of the brand new science of quantum biology to explain find out how to measure the specified evolutionary transition right into a extra ennobling future. The excellent news is, current discoveries are linking the method of survival to the intuitive functioning of the mind. The New Measurement of Humanity Mission on the College of Florence is working on the chopping fringe of this cerebral transition from the mechanistic age, right into a extra fascinating future for humanity. The mission is conscious that the functioning of the mirror neuron, accountable for the evolution of compassion, performs a number one function within the transition towards a extra enlightened humanity.

When Marcillio Ficino used Platonic Theology to create the fifteenth Century Nice Italian Renaissance, because the rebirth of the misplaced Greek science for moral ends, the compassion related to the atomic construction of Platonic love, did not affect twentieth Century science. Leonardo da Vinci as an alternative, helped to usher in the economic mechanical age, which lacked any rigorous moral scientific enter.

The European Romantic Platonic faculties tried, in useless, to forestall, what William Blake known as the darkish satanic mills, from despoiling the inexperienced face of the planet. Fired by an insatiable greed lust for energy, the financial insurance policies of the British East India Firm, within the mid nineteenth Century, threw compassion apart when forcing the Chinese language Authorities to just accept huge mountains of opium in return for supplying Britain with Spanish silver bullion.

Though makes an attempt have been made to make amends for that felony financial thoughts set, no person can depend on the current international financial rationalism to assist rework humanity into its intuitive Golden Age. Until the molecular functioning of compassion, revealed although nano-technology’s affiliation with quantum biology, turns into a part of a world tradition, then humanity faces extinction. As Buckminster Fuller reasoned, when he used Plato’s arithmetic to explain his balanced infinite synergistic universe, it’s now a selection between Utopia or Oblivion

If we re-examine Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution, the answer turns into a part of the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Mission. Darwin primarily based his revealed principle of evolution from observations made after his voyage on HMS Beagle, below the auspices of the East India Firm. In Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’, he credit the doctrine of Thomas Malthus’s financial coverage for the East India Firm (Darwin 1859). That coverage was primarily based particularly on what quantum biology reveals to be an incorrect understanding of the second law of thermodynamics, a line of pondering later inherited by Albert Einstein when he derived his principle of relativity.

In his second book ‘The Descent of Man – Choice in Relation to Intercourse’, Darwin wrote that compassion is so ingrained into human consciousness that it should certainly play an vital function within the evolution of humanity. Right here, he’s referring to the geometrical construction and organic functioning of Platonic love that Marcillio Ficino wrote about, in his efforts to convey a few rebirth of the misplaced Platonic moral science. In conclusion, the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Mission, will be seen to be elaborating on Plato’s religious optical functioning, wherein the mirror neuron, in affiliation with the molecule of emotion, evolves compassion. That is achieved by using an infinite fractal logic, which is in full defiance to the functioning of the second law of thermodynamics, now governing international financial rationalism.

The present coronary heart felt intuitions for a change in human consciousness will be thought of to be the forerunner of a brand new human survival science. The work of the science-Artwork Analysis Centre of Australia, in liaison with the Florentine twenty first Century Renaissance, is to assist assemble the tremendous pc program wanted to grow to be a champion within the enjoying of Fuller’s World Recreation of International Co-operation, by together with into its information banks, the Platonic Fullerene Chemistry information, now outlawed by our financial obsession with an unethical understanding of the second law of thermodynamics.

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Advisor to the President Oceania and Australasia of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and Superior Arithmetic (IFM) Einstein-Galilei

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