Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and a Severe Mathematical Downside

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Nanotechnology is clearly demonstrating the functioning of Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and its associated Inventive Physics. The workings of this new medical science has been proven to be related to the properties of carbon once they operate in defiance of the twentieth Century’s understanding of science. This new outlook upon medical science was derived from the traditional Greek science for moral ends, which was developed by the students belonging to the Platonic custom of Greek philosophy. For a number of hundred years these philosophers tried to fuse mathematical ethics into the life drive energies postulated by the scientist Anaxagoras, now thought-about to be the founding father of recent science.

Anaxagoras’ principle that the Nous forces acted upon primordial particles in house to create worlds, depicted the forces of gravity that Sir Isaac Newton later defined in mathematical phrases. In his unpublished Heresy Papers found final century, Newton depicted a universe based mostly upon the identical scientific rules that upheld the moral Platonic science. In his private letters, Newton additionally wrote that properties of sunshine mixed with gravity to transmit evolutionary data to mechanisms throughout the human metabolism.

Newtons Heresy theories linked into Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres idea, related to the sunshine of the All Seeing Eye, now depicted as a logo of liberty on the good Seal of America. The traditional Greek moral science was about how harmonic celestial motion resonated with the motion of atoms throughout the human type. Scientific discoveries in the course of the 18th and nineteenth Centuries demonstrated that the harmonic motion of sunshine was an electromagnetic phenomenon. Throughout the twenty first Century, nanotechnology confirmed how such celestial motion, each as at a macro and micro scale, may transmit intelligence to thoughts and mind, suitable to the workings of the Molecule of Emotion found in 1972 by Dr Candace Pert.

Throughout the growth of the science for Moral Ends, a number of historic philosophers, together with Plato, used arithmetic to explain evil as being the harmful property of unformed matter throughout the bodily atom, which might emerge to destroy civilisation. At the moment, world leaders are attending a world congress about learn how to shield civilisation from the harmful potential of nuclear expertise. Nonetheless, a severe emotional mathematical downside exists stopping any sensible options from being mentioned. The stakeholders in trendy expertise, politics,economics and area won’t tolerate any academic system instructing concerning the new moral medical science, which is seen as a risk to the prevailing world fossil gasoline financial system. Until the United Nations and UNESCO develop medical laws to ease the transference of the prevailing power system right into a stability with the energies of life, then humankind should endure the entropic chaos of inevitable destruction.

It’s not tough to clarify the mathematical seriousness of this example. The unique format of the Nous, seen as a mathematical expression of bodily actuality, had a sure mathematical type. This may be described as a non residing type. After centuries of aware effort to fuse ethic into the Nous, its mathematical type might be confirmed to have been altered right into a residing fractal logic idea of evolution. Irrespective of how a lot we develop arithmetic, with out this non secular (holographic) component of moral consciousness, we are able to solely speed up common chaos upon earth. For instance, the three economists who had been awarded 1994 Nobel prizes for his or her mathematical financial principle, later confronted severe issues. Some scientists at the moment are claiming that this downside collapsed the financial base of the Soviet Union and now threatens your complete construction of the worldwide financial system.

Medical Purple Cross docs, racing to attend baby victims of a fanatical suicide bomber, should not enable emotional rage or a match of weeping in sorrow to have an effect on their regular palms. They can’t contemplate the way of thinking of the perpetrator of the crime nor the agony of the mother and father of the children. They’ve a job to do, which they’ve been skilled for. We will actually contemplate that the docs are finishing up the duties of an moral medical science. The United Nations and UNESCO are wanted to now develop the current understanding of that medical science. The nanotechnology imaginative and prescient of latest neg-entropic miracle medical science can actually be utilized to the event of latest neg-entropic applied sciences, which may free world humankind from its current entropic yoke of mathematical ignorance. Such new information will enable the current species of Homo Entropicus to keep away from the specter of oblivion, by making a positive footed quantum leap into Buckminster Fuller’s Utopia.

A Group of Bristol College PhD college students from the Bristol Centre for Useful Nanomaterials (BCFN) are serving to to type an moral code for nanotechnology and have coined the time period, Nano Carta. Hopefully, from such initiatives, will come a chance for the United Nations and UNESCO to look at the deserves of the moral mathematical downside put ahead inside this text. Over forty years of profitable analysis now argues as to why the phrase Platonic is likely to be added to the time period Fullerene Chemistry, belonging to the three 1996 Nobel Prize laureates in Chemistry. Their new medical science might absolutely encounter the intense mathematical downside referred to herein. Until youthful college students examine this problem, then final Century’s out of date entropic world-view paradigm will proceed to manipulate all of science, forcing world society to bend and ultimately buckle beneath its horrific yoke.

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Advisor to the President Oceania and Australasia

Theoretical Physics and Superior Arithmetic (IFM) Einstein-Galilei

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