On Heaven, Hell, and the Regulation of Attraction Power

On Heaven, Hell, and the Regulation of Attraction Power

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On my Squidoo Lens How To Manifest Something there may be an article entitled On Spirituality, religion, and Creating Our World. In that article I used to be discussing the teachings of Jesus and the way they relate to Manifesting. Now I’ll proceed the dialogue, and speak in regards to the ideas of Heaven and Hell, and the way they relate to The law of Attraction Power.

Allow us to think about that Jesus’ level was not that we grow to be Christians, then get the prize- which is the Kingdom of Heaven. In any case there was no such factor as Christianity on the time, so how might he be discussing that. So as an alternative allow us to suppose that the purpose Jesus was making was that we grow to be CHRIST-LIKE. The purpose was that we observe the sunshine of God inside us, as taught by Jesus. (And coincidentally as additionally taught by Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr., and plenty of different nice religious leaders.) Allow us to suppose that after we grow to be CHRIST-LIKE, no matter our religion, we’ve got discovered everlasting life. As a result of being CHRIST-LIKE, in its highest sense, encompasses our gentle, and our love, and all that’s good and delightful. And GOD is the life/gentle/love power within the universe. So he, and we, are everlasting.

So to observe this thought additional, think about you could’t get away from the God, as a result of God is inside. You possibly can’t snuff your gentle out. It’s unimaginable, as a result of God can’t die. However you possibly can disguise your gentle beneath a bush. And also you may do that for fairly a while. However it doesn’t matter what you do, the wick remains to be there, able to be lit. Now all of us are made within the picture and likeness of God, so all of us, like Jesus, have the power to return again from the lifeless and tackle different types. (See my different article talked about above.) And although it might take many lifetimes to gentle a selected candle- finally everybody’s will get lit.

Or stated one other manner: Sure it’s simpler for a camel to undergo the attention of a needle, than it’s for a wealthy man to get into the dominion of heaven. However in GOD’s world- it’s straightforward for a camel to undergo the attention of a needle. For God, that is simply as straightforward as strolling on water and feeding 1000’s of individuals with 7 loaves of bread. So it’s straightforward for a wealthy man, and for anybody else, to get to heaven as a result of they’re in God’s world, and actually have God inside them. So it follows that everybody will get to heaven. It’s straightforward, however Jesus made the nice level that hankering for cash, and varied different vices, all hinder the method.

So then allow us to focus on ‘choose not that ye be not judged.’ Is there a GOD on excessive who sends half his children to a burning inferno due to some infraction, or as a result of they didn’t pay ample homage to him? If that’s the case, he’s not like any loving father that I do know. And in reality this like a reasonably archaic thought of GOD- a worry primarily based model that harkens again to the times of sacrificing people on an alter. No, this isn’t a divine interpretation of God, however a fear-based, human one. GOD is divine and all-compassionate, so HE doesn’t try this. HE is above such petty meanness. So then who judges the entire varied nasty actions and phrases that people are vulnerable to?

I put ahead that we ourselves, or the God inside use, judges us. The God inside us- who at some stage in resurrection feels and is aware of our errors and atrocities, is our highest choose. This self-inflicted judgment then turns into a residing hell that our loving, peace searching for spirit should someway wrestle itself out of. In any other case our spirit won’t discover peace, or stated one other manner it won’t discover heaven, it will likely be in hell.

Are you able to think about, as an example, somebody like mass-murderer Ted Bundy when he died. Image him all of a sudden coming head to head with the spirit of God inside him, which he had operated so absolutely in opposition to. Think about that his spirit of God, hidden and dormant in life, got here to the forefront when he died. And think about that this God inside had full capacity to evaluate his actions- or moderately to lastly have him see what he did versus the God that’s inside him. Are you able to think about the torture, the torment, and the tearing of his soul? Are you able to image the agony, that no exterior power must administer? There could be no hell, no inferno to match this. For the place can a mass assassin discover peace?

However I imagine that peace does lastly come to everybody, some day when we’ve got atoned for our previous, and performed what is true. Sometime peace comes, and heaven comes. And it’s not a heaven of ignorance- just like the garden of Eden. However a heaven of figuring out and energy. It’s a heaven the place we will say that we’ve got traveled many sordid paths to lastly discover our God gentle. And it’s good, and we’re good. We, like Jesus and GOD, Buddha, and Martin Luther King, are good.

Now many philosophers in the present day say that every one the rest- the evil, the meanness, the ache, and the suffering- is all an phantasm. It’s a unhealthy dream that we’ll all get up from some day. Or as Shakespeare, an enlightened soul properly past his age and time, as soon as stated. ‘It’s a story instructed by an fool, stuffed with sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ And I are likely to imagine that that is true. Every part however love will move away and we are going to some day be left with solely gentle and our existence.

So to narrate all of this again to the law of attraction power, in previous writings I’ve stated rather a lot about what causes us to draw the nice. I’ve given you a lot instruments for methods to get to that house. So right here is yet one more device. The idea that we’re all peace-bound and dealing towards heaven, and that we’ll make it some day, is a constructive idea. It contains all folks, provides all folks grace for imperfection, units nobody above one other, and honors a typically unseen good in all folks. It additionally scares the heck out of us. All of us need to imagine that we’re above one other human being, and we use the truth that we do not do that or that evil to argue the purpose. However that very idea of being higher than one other individual is a power to be opposed. It is simply not true based on any nice thinker or non secular instructor that we are saying we observe. Moreover it is going to entice the damaging, as a result of it’s damaging. However residing from the perspective that we’re all the identical, simply at varied levels of enlightenment, will convey a kind of compassion and love and hope for all of mankind. If we will dwell there, we must entice the nice. If we will dwell there we are going to, by definition, be residing within the “law of attraction power.”

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