Studying a Language: What Makes Listening Troublesome?

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Of the 4 primary English language expertise, studying, writing, talking and listening, probably the most troublesome to amass is listening comprehension. Additionally it is the one talent which can’t be “taught”.

In evaluations that college English and international language institute EFL college students should take not less than thrice a semester, the realm which is most crucial and the one by which they expertise the best issue is listening comprehension.

What makes Listening Troublesome?

There are 4 clusters of things which might have an effect on the problem of language listening duties. Here’s what they’re and the way they have an effect on listening comprehension expertise.


o What number of are there?

Is one particular person talking at a time? Are there quite a few speakers? Do a few of them communicate on the identical time?

o How shortly they communicate

Does the tempo of the speaker enable enough “time” for psychological processing of the speech by the listener? Does the language of the speaker circulate at a quicker or slower charge than the listener is accustomed to?

o What sorts of accent they’ve

Does the speaker (or do the speakers) have an unfamiliar accent or method of talking that’s much less understandable to the listener? Is the listener accustomed to variable accents and speech sorts?


o The position of the listener

What’s the listener’s goal in listening? Common comprehension? Particular info? Pleasure? Enterprise? Extraction of essential knowledge?

o The extent of response required

What does the listener should do in response to the speech? Act? Reply? Suppose? Get pleasure from? Nothing?

o The curiosity within the content material or topic

Is the listener concerned within the content material or subject material? Is it one thing they wish to, must, or should know?


o Grammar

Is the grammar and construction in use acquainted to the listener? Is the listener ready to make use of or assimilate the grammar – construction used on this context?

o Vocabulary

Is vocabulary or lexis that’s new to the listener getting used within the speech? Is the amount of latest phrases substantial? Famous linguistics creator Scott Thornbury says, “Rely 100 phrases of a passage. If greater than 10 of the phrases are unknown, the textual content has lower than a 90% vocabulary recognition charge. It’s subsequently, unreadable.” The identical holds true for a listening comprehension passage.

o Data construction

Is the knowledge or materials being introduced by the speech in a kind that’s clear and comprehensible to the listener? Is the presentation order logical, progressive, have redundancies or is introduced non-sequentially?

o Background data assumed

In comprehension of the speech, is prior data required? Is any prior data required substantial, extremely specialised or technical in nature?


What sort of help, if any, is out there? Help on this context refers as to whether there are photos, diagrams or different visible aids to help the textual content.

Whereas there are a variety of approaches that may be utilized to enhance listening comprehension, one essential key’s common and constant apply. An EFL or ESL trainer might also present a measure of guided apply in creating key listening comprehension expertise. Taking these different components into consideration, listening comprehension segments may be recognized which can are likely to trigger issues for learners or which have a enough variety of appropriate facets to make them sensible and useable.

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