Legislation of Attraction – The Energy of 11-11 and Aligned Numbers – Is it a Message to You?

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It is again once more. The synchronized and aligned numbers. I’m seeing them always each the place I look: my cable field, digital clock radio, on the backside of my pc display.

11:11, 5:55, 3:33, and so forth.

This has occurred to me many instances earlier than over time. A few weeks go by and I do not catch them as soon as, then I see them no less than 5 or 6 instances in a single week.

So, does it imply one thing?

I’ve been finding out religious ideas for nearly 20 years now. Over these years I’ve come throughout many alternative definitions of what this “alignment of numbers” is all about. I’ve all the time “recognized” deep down that it’s extra than simply easy coincidence and that there’s some type of message in it for me anytime I see them.

However what can the message imply for you? The next are some concepts from others describing their ideas behind this phenomenon.

One website described 11:11 as a get up name to all lightworkers on this planet presently. They imagine that Lightworkers are individuals who signed up for a “inexperienced beret” kind of mission after they had been on the spirit aircraft and earlier than being incarnated on Earth. What the mission is, in brief, is to carry as a lot Gentle as potential, as strongly as potential, on this planet.

They imagine that there’s a twenty 12 months interval (beginning on January 11, 1991) that can see matter holding extra gentle than it has ever held earlier than. That the explanation why it’s so troublesome to recollect our origin, keep in mind that we’re all linked, keep in mind who we actually are is as a result of the vibration on this planet has dropped to a really, very low frequency.

11:11 is the get up name throughout this era to the sunshine employees reminding them that they’re a part of this mission.

In my very own private opinion, I imagine every one in all us finding out these kind of religious ideas is a “gentle employee” proper now. I may completely agree with the “20 12 months interval” idea that began in 1991 as a result of I can see with my very own eyes what number of extra folks have “woken up” beginning round that point in addition to proceed to each day.

Then there’s this description I discovered on Crystalinks.com. It explains how 11:11 is believed to be an activator of our DNA.

They imagine that bodily actuality is a consciousness program created by digital codes. That numbers, numeric codes, outline our existence. Human DNA, our genetic reminiscence, is encoded to be triggered by digital codes at particular instances and frequencies. These codes awaken the thoughts to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11:11 is a type of codes, which means activation of DNA.

They word that seeing 11:11 regularly creates synchronicities in your life.

Additionally they imagine that the 12 months 2011 could have nice significance and consciousness will evolve in full swing. January 1, 2011 we discover – 1/1/11 which might be seen as 1111. November 11 – 11/11/11. And that this guarantees to speed up consciousness towards 2012.

It may also be seen as a key to unlock the unconscious thoughts, our genetic encoded recollections, that we’re spirits having a bodily expertise, not bodily beings embarking on a religious expertise.

For instance, an individual named Joe seen that every time he was about to undergo one other main religious awakening, an epiphany of some form, these numbers would seem in his bodily expertise to sign the upcoming change. The numbers would say to him, “Concentrate!”

Stacey Wolf, the writer of Get Psychic!: Uncover Your Hidden Powers describes 11:11 this fashion: “Seeing units of the quantity 11, particularly on this kind, signifies that somebody excessive up on the opposite facet is providing you with a message that you’re not alone, …”

Then there’s this quote from Solara “11:11: Contained in the Doorway”. “For a few years, the numbers 11:11 have been mysteriously and repeatedly showing to folks all around the world. Typically showing on digital clocks, the sightings of 11:11 are inclined to happen throughout instances of heightened consciousness, having a robust impact on these concerned. They trigger a reactivation of our mobile reminiscence banks and a stirring deep within one thing lengthy forgotten. The looks of 11:11 can be a robust affirmation that we’re heading in the right direction, aligned with the beam of our Highest Reality.”

One other supply claims that 11:11 is just a hug from Universe.

Uri Geller was additionally an enormous believer within the fascinating sequence of those numbers.

So which is it? A message in our DNA? A hug from Universe? A message from our increased selves? A message meant for gentle employees? A wake-up name to get on monitor? Or an indication that you just already heading in the right direction?

Personally I imagine it will possibly imply any of the above; it merely will depend on your present circumstances.

There have been instances when I’ve been on an actual “religious roll” manifesting faster than ever and the numbers have appeared to me always. Then once more there have been different instances when I’ve been out of alignment resulting from one thing which may have occurred and once I see these numbers it’s a direct message to me to get again on monitor.

There have additionally been cases when I’ve had my doubts about one thing not understanding as I initially deliberate and seeing these numbers was my precise “hug from Universe”, my reminder to not lose religion and that every little thing is all the time working in my finest curiosity.

And but once more instances when I’ve seen the numbers and it did imply that one other “religious leap” was about to occur.

As for the lightworker idea. As I discussed earlier than, I imagine that each one of us finding out these ideas proper now are lightworkers who selected to be right here throughout this Earth time to do all that we will to assist increase the power on the planet.

So the subsequent time you see these numbers, keep in mind it’s not merely a coincidence. It’s some type of message to you. A message for you too to “Pay Consideration!”

Then you definitely merely must “really feel” out what the message means. It actually is not troublesome. As quickly as you hit on the fitting reply you too will “understand it” deep down.

Pleased Creating!

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