ISEE Higher Degree – Instance Issues and Options

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Listed below are a pair examples of issues you would possibly see on the Higher Degree ISEE together with their options.


If we proceed to make use of our assets in such massive portions, sometime our provide can be ——.
(A) limitless
(B) infused
(C) enriched
(D) exhausted

This can be a sentence completion query that checks the scholar’s vocabulary and skill to grasp sentence context. The proper reply is (D).

To be able to clear up a sentence completion drawback, the scholar wants to make use of the context of the sentence to infer the which means of the lacking phrase; then, the scholar wants to attract on his or her vocabulary to decide on the phrase from the reply decisions that has the closest which means.

The sentence states that we’re utilizing our assets in massive portions; moreover, it says that we’re “persevering with” to make use of it in massive portions. Subsequently, the logical conclusion can be that sometime, our provide will run out or be used up. The phrase which means “run out” or “used up” is exhausted, which is reply alternative (D).

If, by likelihood, the scholar would not know the definition of “exhausted” however is aware of the definitions of the opposite three phrases, it is nonetheless doable to reply the query by eliminating the remainder of the solutions as a result of they make no sense. Clearly, utilizing massive quantities of assets over a time frame won’t trigger them to change into limitless — that is not sensible. Infused additionally is not sensible, and enriched additionally doesn’t match effectively sufficient within the context of the sentence to be a beautiful reply.


If y is immediately proportional to x, and if y = 20 when x = 6, then what’s the worth of y when x = 9?

This drawback is an algebra drawback that checks the scholar’s data of direct variation. If one variable is immediately proportional to a different, then it follows the overall system (by definition):

y = kx

This implies: as x will increase, y will increase at a charge proportional to okay occasions x, the place okay is a few fixed actual quantity. The issue asks us to seek out y for a sure worth of x. To be able to do that, we’d plug in x = 9 into the above equation and see what y-value outcomes; nevertheless, we rapidly see that we do not know the worth of okay, so we’ve got to seek out that first. The issue provides us different info that can assist us discover the worth of okay. Plugging within the different values that the issue provides us (y = 20 when x = 6), we’ll get the next:

y = kx
20 = okay*6

Now we are able to clear up for okay by dividing either side of the equation by 6:

okay = 20/6 = 10/3

Now that we all know okay, we all know that the overall equation is:

y = (10/3)x

Because of this as x will increase, y will increase at a charge proportional to 10/3 that of x. If x will increase by 1, y will increase by 10/3; if x will increase by 3, y will increase by 10. Utilizing our new equation, we are able to discover the reply to the query by plugging in x = 9:

y = (10/3)*(9)
y = 30

The reply is 30.

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