Fascinating Info In regards to the Tamil Language

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  • One of many oldest classical languages on this planet is the Tamil language. Research present that an historical however deformed type of Tamil known as Tamazight is spoken by one of many tribes in Cameroon in Africa.
  • In Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, historians have discovered Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions. Nonetheless, they haven’t succeeded in offering a precise date of its origin. It’s believed that the language has been spoken since 500 BC.
  • Through the pre-colonial period Tamil was one of many essential languages used for commerce.
  • The traditional principality of Kamarinadu existed between India and Ethiopia. Historical Tamils conquered Kamarinadu, which related India and Ethiopia, and unfold the language to Africa.
  • It is without doubt one of the most tough and oldest languages within the nation (greater than 50,000 years previous). This Dravidian language is without doubt one of the main South Indian languages, and is spoken by over 60 million folks in Singapore, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The unique Indians spoke Sanskrit in North, Tamil in South, and Austro-Asiatic within the east.
  • It’s believed that the Mayans of the Maya Civilization of South America have been really Tamils and spoke a dialect of Tamil. Research additionally present that the language of the Jews, Hebrew, derived from Tamil. That is due to the Tamil exodus to Africa through the middle-east.

Info and numbers

  • Tamil has obtained the classical standing. The truth is, it is one of many first languages to realize this standing.
  • Right now, Tamil is spoken not solely in Tamil Nadu, but additionally in northern Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa and Fiji. 1% of the world’s inhabitants are Tamil talking folks, and it’s the fifteenth most spoken language on this planet.
  • Tamil has been bestowed with official language standing in fairly just a few international locations, and it’s considered one of most generally spoken languages on this planet.


Tamils are of Dravidian origin. The 4 main Dravidian (South Indian) languages are Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Among the many Dravidian language household Tamil is taken into account because the foremost language. The Dravidians type the vast majority of the inhabitants of south India, and there are round 220 million native speakers of Dravidian languages on this planet.

Diglossia – spoken and written

Tamil makes use of two dialects or languages, and when a language neighborhood makes use of two dialects it is called diglossia. They’re often known as H or ‘excessive’ sort and the L or ‘low’ sort in linguistic parlance. The H or ‘excessive’ sort is present in literature. It is usually utilized in non secular ceremonies and training as it’s extra formal, conventional and esteemed. The ‘low’ sort is utilized in on a regular basis parlance. The ‘excessive’ sort is present in historical Tamil texts, that are a storehouse of information. They’ve been translated into many languages and are appreciated by folks throughout the globe.

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