Happiness Is a Easy Equation!

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I had an fascinating perception studying the Gita course.

You possibly can outline happiness in a easy mathematical equation as follows:

Happiness = No. of needs fulfilled / No. of needs entertained

All our grownup life, we concentrate on the numerator. We work laborious, celebration laborious, journey the world, eat in fancy locations, purchase in all probability couple of homes, vehicles……

After we concentrate on the numerator, our focus is on fulfilling our needs. Mere mortals like us will certainly have needs and there may be nothing fallacious about having needs and dealing to satisfy our needs. In spite of everything, needs do encourage us to take actions. Furthermore, we expertise a particular satisfaction after we fulfill our needs.

The equation set me eager about the denominator too! “Can we make it zero?”

1. If I had no (unfulfilled) needs, (i.e if the denominator = 0) then I ought to expertise “infinite happiness”. That is robust as I continuously need one thing or the opposite.

2. If I had most of my needs fulfilled (i.e if the denominator tends ‘near’ 0) then I must be going in direction of “infinite happiness”.

Now the dilemma is as follows:

I do not know what number of needs I’ve in me! The needs of members of the family provides up too!….and so forth…I do not know how lengthy I might take to satisfy all of these needs…..

Due to this fact it’s virtually unimaginable to make the denominator zero, or near zero. Nonetheless, we will nonetheless expertise increased ranges of happiness by wanting extra carefully on the equation.

a) Managing the numerator: Determine as many ‘true’ needs as you may, rank them, set timelines, budgets and go forward and obtain them. Draw up an inventory, repeatedly replace it and begin engaged on it. For instance, if you happen to had all the time wished to go to new locations on the planet, then find time for it in your life. Funds for it. Do it as rapidly as you may and really feel the happiness.

b) Managing the denominator: Determine ‘fleeting needs’ and ‘get rid of’ them out of your checklist. For instance, in case you are like me who views a automotive as a “machine that takes me from level A to level B”, do not put up “I’ve to personal a Ferrari” in your checklist (even when your eight 12 months previous son is throwing tantrums that you must take him round in your model new Ferrari!!!)

Most frequently, we mistake our ‘fleeting needs’ for ‘true ones’ after which begin spending time, cash, efforts in direction of attaining it. It’s fairly tough and really private to every one in all us about what our needs really are. So, you might be by yourself to do some pondering on what you really want!!

Sit down silently for just a few moments a day (~10min ought to do) and concentrate on crucial issues for you. This common follow will allow you to clarifying (over time – do not anticipate on the spot outcomes) what you really need. And as a precaution, if you happen to doubt whether or not you really want one thing or if it’s a fleeting one, simply give it a move – save time, cash and vitality in attempting to satisfy that! (Aren’t you higher off not placing your cash within the ‘new child on the block touting cloud computing’ in case you are undecided of its progress prospects and somewhat follow IBM?)

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