Edward Leedskalnin and the Fort Thriller

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Egypt has appeared very mysterious to individuals, and it’ll more than likely stay so – not less than till somebody convincingly recreates the good pyramid, and each scrap of the language is totally understood.

Edward Leedskalnin, builder of the Floridian Coral Fort, claimed to know the way the good pyramid was constructed. In reality, Leedskalnin says that he constructed Coral Fort utilizing this very secret. In his youth, Ed was sickly, and would usually keep indoors to learn books whereas different youngsters had been taking part in exterior. Is it doable that he discovered learn how to levitate enormous stones by using magnetism in a but to be found method?

Some individuals say that his grandfather was an inspiration on this respect, and that Ed might have been given particular info handed right down to him – info that contained the key of the good pyramid builders in Egypt.

After transferring to Florida from Latvia, Ed miraculously cured himself of what was prescribed by his physician as ‘terminal tuberculosis’. Individuals claimed that he did this with a round rock formation and a wood pyramid. He would lie below the pyramid within the solar each day for a few hours, and after some time, he returned to his physician to verify that he had the truth is been healed!

After he died, individuals analyzing the placement realized that Leedskalnin left a treasure map and a pile of money in a gap within the floor. The placement of the treasure map is now unknown, and might be lengthy gone, misplaced to time. Did Edward Leedskalnin rediscover the secrets and techniques of the traditional builders, or was he simply an eccentric particular person in search of to do one thing memorable?

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