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Registrations open for the Course in Tamil, “Social Media Marketing Masterclass” from 20th February.
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Course Content ‘Social Media Masterclass

What is Social Media Marketing?
Why Social Media Marketing?
The top 3 channels

Module 1 : instagram Marketing
Class 1
What is instagram?
Why instagram Marketing the Best for Businesses?
Class 2
Significant features of instagram
Business vs Personal profiles
Newsfeed, Insights, page, Post
Class 3
Forms of Content on instagram
Class 4
What are hashtags?
How to use Hashtags?
How to create hashtags?
Class 5
How to post content on instagram?
Promote posts
Using creator studio

Module 2 facebook Marketing
Class 1
How is facebook Different?
Page, Profile, Groups, Events
Class 2
Creating a page, ads manager, Groups, Events
Class 3
Posting and Scheduling content
Class 4
The algorithm and the reach
facebook content best practices
Class 5
Boost posts

Module 3 :Business Manager
Class 1
What is Business Manager
Giving and getting permission for assets
How to find Business ID?
Adding people
Class 2
Business Settings
Adding Pages, Ad accounts, instagram accounts, whatsapp accounts
Setting up ads Manager

Module 4 : Running Ads on facebook and instagram
Class 1
The Marketing Funnel
Class 2
Running ads on ads manager
Class 3
Ads library
Class 4
Class 5
Navigating ads manager
Understanding the metrics
Class 6
Creating a facebook pixel
Uses of a facebook Pixel
Class 7
Lead generation ads
Landing pages
Nurturing leads

Module 5:Creating content for Social Media
Class 1
Creating a content plan
Class 2
Creating a content calendar
Class 3
Creating visuals using Canva

Module 6: linkedin Marketing
Class 1
What is linkedin
What is unique about linkedin
Class 2
Features of linkedin– Summary, Pages, Groups, In-mails
Class 3
Writing linkedin Summary
Best practices
Class 4
Connections on linkedin
Best Practices
Class 5
Creating Content on linkedin
Class 6
linkedin Premium
Class 7
linkedin Pages, Roles, Showcase pages
Class 8
Advertising on linkedin

Module 7: YouTube Marketing
Class 1
Creating a Channel
Class 2
Creating Content- Videos, Shorts
Managing YT Community
Preparing scripts for Videos
Class 3
Posting Content
Thumbnail, Title, Description & Other elements
Class 4
YouTube Algorithm
Class 5

Module 8: Social Media Strategy
Class 1
Information Gathering
Audience Persona
Target Audience
Content Strategy
Choosing the right channels
Class 2
Brand Guidelines
facebook and instagram checklists

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