Did Helen Keller Show Paranormal Skills Much like Some People With Extreme Autism?

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“One of the best and most lovely issues can’t be seen or heard-they have to be felt with the guts.” –Helen Keller

I’ve labored with many children and adults identified with extreme nonverbal autism. They taught me that merging consciousness renders language impairments primarily based on linear thought out of date. Unconscious realizing seems, as a mutual circulate of concepts come to the fore. Unconditional love, belief, and expectation of competence open up this channel. A way of stability is established. We’re in communion. By linking souls, our particular person perceptual realities develop into entangled. I speculate that Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller had an identical hyperlink.

Helen had typical sensory experiences till she was 18 months outdated. At that time, she was struck with fever. Age of onset is much like experiences of fogeys who say their autistic baby was growing usually and abruptly regressed. As a result of her sickness, and lack of listening to and sight, Helen’s typical sensory processes have been disrupted.

Helen was misplaced till Annie Sullivan got here alongside. I see a correlation between Helen’s journey and her relationship with Annie Sullivan with among the children I’ve labored with. This kind of catalytic relationship is each humbling and awe-inspiring.

Most of the college students I labored demonstrated atypical sensing similar to telepathy. Helen and Annie’s relationship was famous as having extra-sensory components, based on Dennett’s (1998) article titled, “Helen Keller: did the deaf blind genius posses methods of sensing past regular?” I speculate that Annie and Helen merged consciousness. Maybe syncing mind waves and sensory programs was the preliminary “key’ unlocking Helen’s understanding. I think, I be part of consciousness with severely autistic children. I think Helen and Annie additionally merged consciousness. Maybe this merging helped Helen expertise data by means of Annie’s sensory system? Lawrence Hutton said. “Miss Sullivan instructed us that with no acutely aware motion, no intentional or perceptible ‘speaking together with her fingers,’ she might make the kid observe her personal ideas, do what she wished her to do, go the place she wished her to go, carry out any of the acts of ‘mind-reading’ which the skilled psychologists exhibit on stage, or in an novice manner.”

I’ve had many children choose the phrase or image I despatched them utilizing a type of telepathy. I’ve additionally had college students kind letter for letter and phrase for phrase primarily based on my acutely aware thought alone. I’ve additionally had college students with restricted verbal functionality say the phrases that I despatched them through telepathy.

In line with Dennett, Sullivan said: “Helen Keller’s improvement counsel to me that the lack of a number of colleges could, by means of self-discipline, drive the handicapped particular person to deeper ranges of will-power than is required of usually outfitted human beings. I’ve little doubt no matter that most individuals dwell in a really restricted sphere of their potential capacities. They make use of solely a small portion of their attainable powers and assets of their minds. It’s as if, out of all their bodily furnishings, they need to use solely a fraction of every sense.”

I agree with Annie. Typical individuals, irrespective of how excessive their cultural variations, have a shared perceptual actuality primarily based on data acquired by means of their senses. It’s pure to develop a special perceptual actuality when one has atypical sensory experiences. This certainly would have an altering impact on perceptual actuality and skill to work together with the world.

The article mentions Mark Twain’s fascinating assembly with Helen and Annie: “Annie requested, ‘What’s Mr. Clemens distinguished for?’ Helen answered, in her crippled speech, ‘For his humor.’ Mark Twain spoke up modestly and stated, ‘And for his knowledge.’ Helen stated the identical phrases immediately,’ and for his knowledge.'” Twain says: “I suppose it was psychological telegraphy for there was no manner for her to know what I had stated.” I’ve skilled instantaneous realizing with my college students. Fleeting anticipatory ideas usually resulted in rapid responses.

The article quotes Helen: “It has at all times been a robust perception with me that there are powers in lots of animals which could be developed past the bodily senses, and it’s a gratification to notice that orthodox scientists are starting to hunt different causes than mechanical ones to clarify telepathy… Certainly if creatures with out the reasoning college can carry out such wonders, Man endowed with religious and mental powers can obtain phenomena to not be defined by mechanism however by legal guidelines nonetheless ready to be found.”

People with extreme autism have demonstrated to me that they’ve developed their senses past the atypical. They’re extra in contact with the unconscious realizing and the religious facet of life. Their souls haven’t completely built-in with their our bodies. This lack of integration leaves the soul in a singular place, in contrast to those that have absolutely built-in, leading to a larger reference to the unconscious or religious self. This lack of grounding leaves the physique not sure of the best way to direct itself within the bodily world. As if in a dream state, the person has problem controlling or categorizing thought. The information itself, nonetheless, is huge, overlaying innate understanding of common truths misplaced by the extra built-in particular person.

Artist and sculptor Gutzon Borglum, talked about within the article, wrote of his assembly with Helen Keller, “I shall always remember that hour with Helen Keller… From it I realized that soul, over and above the physique, has eyes.” I got here to the identical realization when working with some severely autistic children and adults. Some appeared to even being directing their our bodies from outdoors themselves.

In line with the article, Helen appeared to have a profound out-of- physique expertise. Helen stated, “I had been sitting quietly within the library for half an hour. I turned to my trainer and stated, ‘Such a wierd factor had occurred! I’ve been distant all this time and I have not left the room.’ ‘What do you imply, Helen?’ she requested, stunned. ‘Why,’ I cried, ‘I’ve been in Athens.’ Scarcely have been the phrases out of my mouth when a brilliant superb realization appeared to catch my thoughts and set it ablaze. I perceived the realness of my soul and its sheer independence of all circumstances of place and physique. It was clear to me that it was as a result of I used to be a spirit that I had so vividly ‘seen’ and felt a spot hundreds of miles away. House was nothing to spirit! In that new consciousness shone the presence of God, Himself a Spirit all over the place directly, the Creator dwelling in all of the universe concurrently.”

My response to that remaining quote primarily based on my experiences is AMEN! My college students, who’re really my lecturers, have been patiently main me towards that consciousness.

It seems Helen ultimately was absolutely unbiased of Annie, functioning on this world with out giving up her items of telepathy, thought sharing, distant viewing, or religious connection. I hope that sometime people with nonverbal low functioning autism will do the identical.


Dennett, P.E. (1998) Helen Keller: did the deaf blind genius posses methods of sensing past regular? Atlantis Rising 17,

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