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Termites are generally known as ‘white ants’, however they aren’t ants and aren’t associated to them. They’re most considerable in tropical and sub-tropical international locations the place, in some circumstances, their ‘nests give rise to massive, distinguished mounds. All termites type intensive colonies with one egg-laying queen and a whole lot or 1000’s of staff. The employees are nymphs whose growth to reproductive adults is suppressed. Most of them perform duties within the nest, feeding the queen and the younger, nest constructing and gathering meals however some staff turn into ‘troopers’ with massive heads and lengthy jaws. Their job is to defend the nest from intruders.

At sure occasions of the yr, a number of the staff full their growth and grow to be winged adults, each female and male. These depart the nest in dense swarms and finally land on the bottom, shed their wings and mate. The feminine then lays eggs within the soil and so begins a brand new colony. Macrotermes bellicosus is an African termite which may construct spectacular mounds. The employees construct the mounds by combining sand and clay with their saliva. Simply above floor there’s a central ‘nest’ with a community of tunnels a lot of which join with underground passages resulting in an excellent supply of meals. Within the nest, the queen does nothing however produce eggs. Her stomach swells a lot that she can’t transfer and the employees feed her and carry away the eggs as quick as she will lay them.

Termites feed completely on plant materials, primarily the cellulose in woody tissues. Some termites can digest the cellulose, generally with the help of a inhabitants of single-celled organisms of their intestine, however Macrotermes brings the plant materials again to the nest and chews it to a pulp. On beds of this chewed pulp and termite faeces, fungi develop. Macrotermes feeds on the fungi or on the wooden pulp which has been partially digested by the fungus.

If termites burrow into picket constructions to acquire their cellulose, they trigger harm.

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