Bearing the Actuality of Our Loss In Grief

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Bearing the truth of loss in grief,

To be able to expertise the truth of aid,

Means we will not fast-track, stifle or postpone,

That grief meaning a actuality we groan.


Grief is a actuality that I’m positively certain God meant for our good on this damaged world of ours. I can say this having been touched by God in grief eleven years in the past, to know that within the ache of that actuality the place I groaned day after day, month after month, there was a aid that might solely come from God. Such a aid was out there for the second of reliance. Such a aid was additionally, finally, from a present-day viewpoint, a sustainable aid.

God affirms us in our development and growth, in all probability by no means extra so than by way of the exams of impinging realities that appear depraved, onerous and harsh; but their function is divine.

The catch-22 is, the second we start to get offended at God, and worse, keep offended, is the second we begin to lose our manner. Groaning has its function. If we will lose our lives within the current torment, we achieve a lot floor of endurance for future moments of torment.

I do not assume there may be any ‘rocket science‘ in studying to embrace grief. All of us expertise losses and all people’s losses are relative. Solely we will expertise them. But when we settle for the loss – with a childlike religion – because it comes – the very best we will, for none of us meets grief properly in any respect as we’re studying – then God will bless such a response with development.

Such a development within the resilience of grief realities is rarely an in a single day course of, nevertheless it absolutely does occur. We aren’t solely made extra resilient, however extra resolute; not simply stronger, however softer; not simply extra compliant, however extra compassionate, additionally.

It does not actually shock me (or Sarah for that matter) that I can stroll alone of a morning, within the week of my dearly departed son’s demise, and expertise the fullness of God’s pleasure. Individuals might imagine it exceptional, however we all the time learn folks’s grief by means of our personal expertise and notion. All our experiences of loss and grief are totally different.

Once I say I am doing okay, I imply that I wish to embrace the sorrow because it arrives, and that, in between occasions, I’m content material with feeling regular.

Whether or not I am feeling ‘regular’ or sorrowful God’s grace is enough; the Lord nonetheless governs my actuality, so “it’s properly.”


We’re unafraid of the gut-wrenching, soul-sobbing sorrow we’re sure to really feel. It’s our actuality. God is with us; he’s for us and never towards us. We all know that God can use our actuality for his functions – even now – once we are brave sufficient to bear the truth.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

As I typed most of those phrases Nathanael was with us, within the room.

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