Alphabet Soup – CE, CEU, and CNE

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Some of the widespread questions on on-line schooling for nurses is concerning the distinction between CE, CEU, and CNE. It is a supply of confusion for each new nurses and skilled professionals and the aim right here is to clear this up as soon as and for all.

Many individuals try to make use of the phrases interchangeably. Though every of those three phrases do seek advice from persevering with schooling, they every imply barely various things. The definitions are listed under:

CE – That is an abbreviation for persevering with schooling and is a common time period. It’s not referring to any items of time or measurement, fairly it’s merely classifying the kind of materials involved.

CEU – That is the abbreviation for persevering with schooling unit and is maybe probably the most misunderstood merchandise in on-line schooling. Historically, this refers to 10 hours of fabric. Nonetheless, it’s common to see course descriptions akin to, “This course is value 2 CEUs”. Though this is able to actually imply that the course is value 20 hours, it’s typically used to explain solely 2 hours. Most state nursing boards are actually pushing for the elimination of the time period CEU as a result of quantity of confusion that it has triggered. At any time when you’re in search of persevering with schooling ensure that the supplier has clarified the precise quantity of hours (ideally they need to use the time period Contact Hours).

A fast notice on the time period “contact hours” – contact hours could be outlined as 60 minutes (in some states they are often outlined as 50 minutes – however that could be a totally different dialogue altogether) of studying materials. Usually, when referring to the size of a unbroken schooling course the quantity of hours are known as contact hours. For instance: “This course is value 1.5 contact hours”.

CNE – That is an abbreviation for Persevering with Nursing Training and refers to supplies which are particular for nurses. It’s a common time period and isn’t referring to a certain quantity of hours or another type of measurement. At any time when potential, suppliers ought to clearly establish their programs as CNE when they’re nursing particular types of persevering with schooling. This might help keep away from confusion between different medical professionals.

In the long run, every of those phrases have their very own distinct definitions and makes use of. The web setting has created a variety of obtainable on-line persevering with schooling choices for health care suppliers and a working data of those differing abbreviations might help a person higher search by the multitude of choices.

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