Affirmations Vs Affirmative Prayer – Is There A Distinction?

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Affirmations are highly effective instruments to make use of that can assist you construct a strengthened consciousness, enhance your mindset and alter your considering to vary your life. Affirmative Prayer is a technique of elevating affirmations into a better and extra harmonious stage, one which delivers stronger convictions and improved outcomes by using natures law of development to work via you in your behalf.

Let me expound on the affirmation / affirmative prayer distinction within the following method: One of many drawbacks that may happen when talking affirmations comes from ones personal inside mindset.


Talking “I’m affluent” appears like an excellent and easy affirmation, and on the floor looks as if an excellent self-talk assertion. And for essentially the most half, it’s. An issue can happen, nevertheless, if one thing in your thoughts/physique (almost definitely deep in your unconscious thoughts) resists this info and is “secretly” searching for previous conditioning triggers to refute it. If (hypothetically) you get info that challenges the affirmation, (i.e. a financial institution assertion, a automotive notice bill and so on.) the affirmation could also be neutralized by your personal thoughts, limiting it is effectiveness, and even reversing any affirmative outcomes.

Let’s communicate this similar affirmation concept of “Prosperity” in an affirmative prayer format: “Daily and in each method I’m creating a strengthened prosperity consciousness. I’m receiving the Energy of God via me and this Energy is dissolving any previous or current limiting concepts, identified or unknown to me, and delivering to me a mindset of Power, Prosperity, Love and Abundance and I settle for this supply. Thank You God.”

On this instance we have eradicated any assertion which may deliver resistance to our thoughts/physique connection. The prayer is one which builds energy, psychological readability and concord whereas initiating the law of development that’s inherent in nature, compelling it to work via us on our behalf.

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