Abundantia, Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune

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Abundantia (abundance) is a Roman Goddess, personification of abundance, prosperity and luck. She is loosely modeled after Demeter, and bares a resemblance with Copia, Annona and different goddesses of wealth, harvest and prosperity. Her title may be written Habundia, Abundia, Habonde, Abonde or Habundie.

Her attributes are the cornucopia, a golden sheath of grain or palm leaf. She is very often proven in Roman cash, holding a cornucopia, indicating the generosity of the emperor and on the similar time blessing the empire.

She developed into Domina Abundia, a fairy queen of France. As fairy queen, she is named Previous Dame Habonde, Notre Dame d’Abondance, Wandering Dame Abonde, Queen of the White Girls; misty spirits, vilies (wilis, veelas), sylphs and banshees. “Roman de la Rose”, a medieval novel, tells that each third born baby was to journey with Abonde thrice. Solely their souls would journey, their bodily our bodies could be at house, as if useless, and they’d be misty and incorporeal. Abonde was informed to steer nocturnal hordes of Girls via homes and farms, consuming and consuming all they might discover. If one left them foods and drinks, Abonde was to bless the family with prosperity. If not, the white girls would destroy the crop, break into the storage rooms and vandalize the property. This experience, additionally referred to as Wild Hunt, occurred throughout Midwinter. It has been attributed to Herne, Odin, Valkyries, Mom Holle and several other different Darkish Deities in addition to to Abundantia.

It’s attention-grabbing that though she appears to be extremely popular, beloved and vital Goddess, not a lot is thought about her. Some folks say that she is similar Goddess as Perchta (Percht, Bertha), some say she is the Scandinavian Fulla (Volla, Vol), but some others say that she is one other type of Demeter/Ceres. She has been in comparison with Erda (Eartha, Jord), Frau Holle (Holda), Nichneven (Nichen) and all the opposite hags of European pantheon. As Fulla she has golden hair and eyes blue like cornflower, and he or she is gorgeous and younger. As Frau Holle she is an previous, previous crone, who exams you by supplying you with totally different duties.

In all her facets she’s going to punish the depraved and reward the sort. She likes the gentle, hardworking, beneficiant folks, who share what’s theirs and assist the helpless. Particularly vital to her is the way you deal with animals and the weak of the society; the previous, the poor and the sick. She additionally could be very strict about relaxation and respecting the vacations. All these are Virgo qualities. Abundantia is the Heavenly Virgin.

Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm use Frau Holle in her totally different facets of their fairytales. In Frau Holle, the nice lady is to go and serve her for a yr and as she is a form, pleasant, respectful and hard-working lady, who does all of the chores placed on her nicely and with out complaining, she is rewarded with that ever phrase she says turns into golden coin. Her stepsister, a lazy, whiny, unfriendly, proud lady, who will not be glad with something, comes house talking frogs and coated with tar. The lady with crimson sneakers steps on the bread and is dragged into the swamp to serve her and to be taught humility and respect meals.

Abundia is most probably a moon goddess, not an earth goddess. Her abundance rains on earth, as rain of gold cash that coated the younger lady, who gave away her garments to a poor lady, trusting that no-one would see her within the darkness, rain of tar that coated the nasty stepsister or snow which is alleged to be feathers from her pillows and duvets.

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