Complete News Agency Android App

Complete News Agency Android App


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Product Description

If you are a WordPress admin and you are looking for a native Android app for your news site then probably Thunder News is the best solution for you.


Here is the detailed feature list:-

  • Complete native android app based on WordPress news or blog site
  • Dynamic homepage and an infinite number of subcategories
  • Top level menus, featured, recent items, top level categories in the homepage
  • On scroll post load
  • Enriched post searching capability
  • Favorite List to bookmark posts
  • View favorite categories in the homepage
  • Social Media Links
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
  • Easy navigation simpler UX
  • Complete material design
  • Multicolor theme template
  • A settings page to customize app settings
    • Notification ON/OFF
    • Text size
  • Native push notification, in-app notification panel and history
    • Push message and headline.
    • Push with post id.
    • Keep push notification history and show the number of unread push notification.
  • Home page features
    • Notification counter with navigation flows.
    • Top-level menu items
    • Animated slider with featured (known as ‘sticky’) posts with navigation flows.
    • Recent items (at most 20)
    • Top-level category items
  • Post Details
    • Scrollable Post image
    • Post sharing facility via social media.
    • Text to speech to read out a post
    • Author name and date of post
    • Add to bookmark list option
    • Comments and replies with validation
  • WordPress features
    • Menus
    • Sub-Menus
    • Categories
    • Subcategories
    • Posts by Category
    • Featured Posts
    • Recent Posts
    • Infinite hierarchy level of category and menu
    • Add to bookmark list
    • Efficient post searching capability
    • Commenting facility


What Will You Get:-

1. Admin Panel ( wordpress )

2. Complete  App

3. Complete Source Code

4. 1 year Free technical support

What Will you Give us:-

1. Your business Name

2. Domain

3. Hosting

4. Logo & Icon


Demos Admin Panel Details 

username = [email protected]

Password = 123456


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