Pomento IT Services Affiliate Program (Business Plan and Concepts)

About the Company

Pomento IT Service is a subsidiary of  Pomento Marketplace.  Pomento IT Services deal in various IT services such as website development, application development, software development, SEO services, digital marketing, company registration, other registrations, bulk SMS, bulk e-mails, Whatsapp marketing, e-mail/mobile database services etc. We provide you the opportunity to open your own web development company without any technical knowledge. You can earn unlimited through our Affliate Program as well.

USP of Pomento IT Services Affiliate Program

Return on investment immediately as you get a web project of your choice while joining

Just create affliate link and share with people via any method

20% discount on each project

Business Nomination Facility

Payout within one day

Run a web development company without any technical knowledge

Get a dedicated Customer Care Team working on your behalf

Get World-Class Business Consultants from the IITs and IIMs

 Dedicated Project Managers to Manage Your Projects 

A Professional Team of Web Developers

Affiliate Program

pomento it services affiliate program

Income upto 10 levels of refferal

20% of the project cost on the first level

From level 2 to level 10- % of first level as per side table

Generate your unique affiliate link

Transparent module for income tracking

You can promote via YouTube, social media, on your website etc.

10% cashback on each purchase

Minimum One Purchase Required

Pomento it services affliate program
success prcentage on pomento it services

Business Plan

Our affiliate program uses Uni Level Multi Level Marketing program. 

You can add unlimited numbers of people under your immediate downline and earn 20% from each of them

You will earn income ftom upto 10 levels

Earning will be given from every sale generated from your downline

If only 5 members added in your downline upto the ten levels then your minimum income- ₹204.1 Crore

pomento it services affiliate program
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